PrettyLittleThing Summer Fashion Haul


Happy Summer! I just did a little haul from one of my fave shops from across the pond, PrettyLittleThing and wanted to share my finds.

But before, I do, let’s chat for a second. There are four things I try to look for when it comes to fashion and PrettyLittleThing checks all the boxes!

1.     Style—this is obvious, but it had to be said.

2.     Versatility­—if I love something I want to wear it EVERYWHERE AND OVER AND OVER AND AGAIN! Rinse and repeat!

3.     Price—baby likes a deal!

4.     Quality—I have things from PLT from like three years ago I still wear. True story.  

Here are my picks for the season. 

Pink One Shoulder Frill Strip Midi


So frilly. So sweet. I wore this dress while shooting my talk show, Between The Likes! This piece is super versatile. You can wear it to brunch or even a country club. Put some prep in your step!

Navy Tropical Print Split Front Maxi Dress


This might be one of my favorite dresses ever. EVER! It’s super sexy. If you’re looking at it and afraid it might be too revealing, just stop! You’re good. There is a little pair of bloomer panties sewn in, so you don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. I mean, isn’t there enough to worry about in life?

I wore it on the red carpet, but it’s perfect for date night or a party where you want to show some leg.

White Fruit Geometric Print Kimono Maxi Dress


This kimono is essentially the dress equivalent of a fabulous rum punch. It’s fresh and fruity. Surprisingly, it’s also as comfortable as it is sexy. I love a good print. Think of this look as causal with a little kick.

Here's to 2019

getty image.jpg

I wrote most of the following as a Facebook post on my personal account. The response was so incredible I thought I’d post it here . I know 2018 was a little bit of a slower year for this blog and I want to write more in 2019. After you read this post you might understand why things have been a little slow.


The Bad

2018 was equally bright and brutal. Don’t want to dwell on the negative, but raise your hand if you’ve ever left a fitness class in a stretcher because you fractured your spine!

If you’re interested in the entire story, I wrote my experience for A Sweat Life.

Things I Was Too Lazy To Blog About

But really, this year I connected with so many amazing women who continue to inspire me. They’ve been on my podcast or are scheduled to come on soon.

Speaking of which, I am so proud of cohost/biz partner/friend Ali Levine-Jacaruso. We’ve monetized the podcast with amazing sponsors including Care/Of, Myro , and LOLA. (Use promo code LAZYPOD for 25%, 50%, and 40%).

I can’t wait for what is to come. There’s no one else I’d rather be lazy with.

I also started another podcast this year, Pied-à-Terrible and the amazing Jill Kargman was my first guest. This one is just me and it’s about design. I’m planning to post new episodes every week.

And I stated to produce a yet to be titled podcast with Jen Cohen and Abe Malkin.

Where Else I’ve Been Writing

I became a Forbes contributor in May writing about my not-so-secret love, furniture and decor.

I’ve also continued writing for A Sweat Life an contributed to Real Simple and Horoscope.


I performed at Flappers and The Comedy Store. Getting to do stand up was awesome and I can’t wait to do more. I really regretted that 5 year break I took and now I’m totally in again. I finally feel like I’m a comedian especially because The National Enquirer said so. (True Story)

I also started performing with Recycled Babies Sketch Comedy and we even did a show at the Comedy Central Stage. We have exciting things planned for 2019!!!!!

Did I mention I started Red Carpet Hosting?

One more brag, I was on Good Morning America!

Moving On

So grateful for all the gifts of 2018!

Here’s to 2019!!!!

Behind The Scenes Of My Appearance On Good Morning America


Last week, I was on Good Morning America talking about the black Christmas Tree trend. I was referred by one of my wonderful friends over at Wayfair, who helped with an article I wrote for Forbes covering holiday décor trends

The Call 

If you didn’t know—let me tell you what happens when you get asked to be on GMA. They call you and say they are coming over in three hours! Seriously! They don’t send over hair, makeup or ANYTHING! There was literally one cameraperson! The whole thing works, but it’s kind of a hot mess.

It Takes A Village & Thirsty AF Emails

As many of you know from my Instagram, Speechless dresses me for a lot of events. I love this line because I’m petite and I’ve never had to alter any of their clothing. So, I emailed their publicist who is a friend of mine. I asked if they could bring over some options, immediately if not sooner. I honestly didn’t think they were going to hand deliver me dresses in an hour like Amazon Prime Now for the desperate. But that’s just another reason why I love them.

While I love print dresses—solids work best for television. So, I wore the Madeline Skater dress because it’s elegant but versatile. I can wear it to a business event or even to a causal wedding. A black dress can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. The detailing really makes this dress unique.

Here are as few more Speechless Dresses you (and I) need right now—

Layla Sequin Slip Dress

I wore this to the Afterbuzz Holiday Party and it was a big hit. Accessories can make this look more casual or formal.

Sparks Fly Party Dress

This is such a sweet looking and fun dress perfect for the holidays or New Years Eve.

Sweet And Scalloped Lace Dress

Sophisticated front. Sexy back. Everyone wins!

The Look


We all know I have bad hair, so I was super thrilled that GlamSquad saved my life. LITERALLY, THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER. You can order hair stylists, makeup artists, or nail techs to your location. I was so impressed with the team that was sent over. They were so professional and I couldn’t have been happier!

GlamSquad is great for the holidays or just to save time when you are trying to do everything! You can use the app or book online. Use the link above and get $25 off your first service. It’s such a game changer.

While my makeup artist used mostly Anastasia palettes on my eyes, she also topped it off with Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid + Line + Lash in Topaz Twinkle.

Another thing I liked about GlamSquad is that while they brought their own makeup, they helped me choose one of my own lip glosses so I could easily re-apply. I wore Fuel from Urban Decay’s Hi-Fi Shine collection. The nude color pops on television. It’s also very moisturizing, which is important because my lips are dry AF this season.

You're Going To Be Obsessed With These Custom Holiday Cards


Can you believe 2018 is almost over? (Do we really have a choice?) Get ready, because it’s almost “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!” And by wonderful, I mean stressful and exhausting. But you know what shouldn’t be exhausting? Holiday cards! That’s why I used Basic Invite to get mine this year!

Okay, but let’s stop for a second….

I know what you’re thinking—

Amanda, you’re so not basic. Why are you recommending something basic? GIRL, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?


Basic Invite’s holiday cards aren’t basic! They have over 500 different Christmas and holiday cards that you can customize. So you end up with gorgeous cards that won’t look like everyone else’s.

Don’t Be Jealous, But I’m Living My Best Holiday Card Life Right Now


Basic invite has everything card related covered from cute Christmas tree cards to sophisticated trifold holiday cards and holiday party invites. There are so many options and it’s impossible to go wrong.

You can create adorable photo cards with your actual babies or fur babies like I did here.

lulu and milo.png

Or even create beautiful cards to send to the people you work with. Skip the email and make an impression IRL. Your card doesn’t even need to be as funny as mine is.  

This is the card I’m sending to all of my PR friends!

This is the card I’m sending to all of my PR friends!

Even if you aren’t creative, there are many other ways to customize your cards. Basic Invite has 180 different color options you can use. I was super excited to make the palm trees on my card hot pink. If 180 colors aren’t enough for you—holiday cards are probably the least of your problems.

If You Want To Make It Extra Fancy

Get foil cards! Choose from gold, silver, and even rose gold (YESS!!! ROSE GOLD) in a flat or raised style.

Basic Invite Is Also Your Personal Card Assistant 

Basic_Invite_Holiday_Cards_25 (1).jpg

Do you know anyone’s address?

(Insert cricket sounds here)

No, of course you don’t!

That’s why Basic Invite has an address capturing service that allows you to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to request addresses. Then they’re stored in your account. It also makes you way less annoying and people will actually be excited to receive your cards.

Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders! If you’ve ever been embarrassed of your own handwriting or wasted six envelopes trying to write a zip code without smearing three lines of ink—this can be a total game changer.

There are also 40 different colors of envelopes, so your card doesn’t get mistaken for a boring person’s in the mailbox. Just another custom touch…

Custom Samples For Invitations

So you know when you buy custom invitations online and then you have to make a commitment without seeing or feeling them IRL first? Terrifying, right? Basic Invite understands what a mess this is. So they will print off a sample and send it to you, so you can see and feel the paper quality. It also prevents those annoying “What did you think of my invite?” calls.

Do what are you waiting for?

Go to Basic Invite and start planning your holiday cards right now!


Versatile Fall Style From Bobeau

Bobeau Fall Fashion

It’s Fall! Even in sunny Los Angeles, the temperatures are starting to cool down and this season’s wardrobe is in full swing. So, I wanted to share a few amazing pieces that I just ordered from Bobeau.

This line is just perfect for fall (I mean all seasons, but let’s try to stay on topic here. Everything they have is equally comfortable and versatile. Dress each piece up or down. Wear Bobeau to the office (or in my case, when I go to someone else’s office) or for date night. Bobeau style is essentially boho chic, but also adulting at the same time.

Another great thing about Bobeau is that everything is cut for all body types. Seriously, if you’re wondering “Is this going to look good on me?”—the answer is yes! They also have a range of sizes from XS to plus sizes. Yes, we are all invited to the Bobeau party!  

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the fall collection along with tips on the best ways to wear them.

Diana Midi Length Skirt

Wear this skirt to avoid date night drama.

Wear this skirt to avoid date night drama.

If I had to choose one favorite piece from this season, it would be the Diana Midi Length Skirt. The polka dot print is EVERYTHING. In the photo, I’m wearing my skirt with a plain black tank to dress it up a just a little bit.

You can really wear this skirt ANYWHERE. Go full fall with a chunky knit sweater. Wear it with a white button down shirt for a classic, sophisticated look. Steal my date night style with a camisole or tank. This piece is also great for travel because it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase. 

Alissa Printed Shift Dress

This is the perfect dress for a windy fall day.

This is the perfect dress for a windy fall day.

With a little paisley print, the Alissa Printed Shift Dress is so cute and comfortable. Available in both black and ivory colors (obviously you will want to buy one of each)—it’s an essential piece to take you from work to happy hour. You can wear it a coat and boots on colder days or with a shorter jacket and high heels when it’s a little warmer out. This dress is something you will want to wear season after season and it will easily become a wardrobe staple. It comes with a belt, but you can easily accessorize with your own.

Cozy Travel Set

Obvs I like everything 70’s.

Obvs I like everything 70’s.

You don’t need to go anywhere (I mean, leave your house, but you get what I’m saying) to appreciate the Cozy Travel Set. It includes a headband and an infinity scarf, as well as a little matching bag to put it in. Wear the scarf and headband together or separately. They help keep the chill out either on those windy autumn days or on those frosty airplanes where you are trying not to freeze and sweat at the same time (or is that just me?). You also be lazy and use the headband as a sleep mask.

My Cozy Travel Set is heather grey, but it’s available in several other colors including peppercorn, raven black, and roebuck. And of course, this makes a great gift!  

Thanks so much to Bobeau for the cute fall outfits!

Thanks so

Vacation Vibes With PrettyLittleThing Vacation Shop



PrettyLittleThing is one of those places to shop that just makes life easier. They have a big selection but it's divided into different curated collections, so you can actually find what you what. There's just one problem... You'll want everything!

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from their Vacation Shop.


The White Bardot Plunge Maxi dress is perfect for any summer event (except for someone else's wedding, obviously). It's long, light and breezy. 

One thing I really love about the dress is that its entire look can change with an accessory. I added Palm Leaf Print Headband to make the outfit more casual. 


Speaking of Palm Prints. How cute is this Pink Chiffon Palm Print Plunge Crop Blouse? It literally looks like a vacation. The print is so fun and just perfect for summer. You can wear it with shorts, jeans or anything. You can also plunge it a lot more than I did with some fashion tape.


Don't be confused—PrettyLittleThing's Burnt Orange Chevron Price Lace Maxi Dress isn't Missoni or 70's vintage. But it certainly looks like it could be either one. I'm obsessed with this dress and it's absolutely gorgeous on!

Thank you so much to PrettyLittleThing for the beautiful outfits.

It’s World Environment Day—So Let’s Talk Eco-Friendly Beauty

Is Earth Day having a sequel? Yes! It’s World Environment Day! This is a great time to talk about eco-friendly beauty

But Let’s STFU For A Second

You might not realize and it’s very important to know that terms such as “eco-friendly,” “green” or “natural,” are meaningless. The FDA has no standard for these kinds of labels.  You can bottle poison and legally call it natural. WTF? 

So How Do You Find Products That Are Less Bad For Mamma Earth?

While this is by NO means a complete list—if you are looking for products that are better for you and the environment, here are some things to keep in mind.



These are preservatives that have been banned in Europe. Studies show they can increase breast cancer. So, if you have breast cancer in your family, seriously avoid Parabens.


This chemical is often found in sunscreens and is a known hormone disruptor. It was recently banned in the state of Hawaii. 


You know those little bead things you find in some scrubs? Those are often made of Polyethylene. These little suckers don’t just irritate your skin—they aren’t filtered out the sewage system. So, they end up in the ocean and where cute animals and fish eat them as snacks. THESE ARE TERRIBLE SNACKS!


Sustainable Ingredients/Sustainably Sourced

This means the ingredients and often packaging are made from renewable resources. So a forest doesn’t have to die for you to look pretty.


For a product to be organic, it means at least 95% of the ingredients must be certified as organic. Products that are “made with organic ingredients” have less than 95% organic ingredients in the formulation.


Cruelty-Free products are not tested on animals. You might see Leaping Bunny certification on cruelty-free products. This means the brand meets all of that organization’s standards.


Vegan products contain no animal derived ingredients.

If you want to obsess or do a deep dive, check out this list of The Dirty Dozen chemicals to avoid.

…But Be Easy On Yourself

Look, it’s not 100% practical to find products are completely devoid of anything that could possibly harm you or the environment. So, try to be realistic. If you find something that’s paraben-free, but not organic—don’t beat yourself up. You still get karma points. 

Here are some of my favorite eco-friendly beauty products.

AveSeena Ageless Perfection Cream

AveSeena moisturizer is a new love of mine. It’s a cream, which initially made me nervous because normally CREAMS ARE SOOOOO HEAVY. But this feels so light, I even use it under my eyes. It also does everything from helping with wrinkles, dehydration (obvs because it’s a moisturizer) and loss of radiance and firmness. I look and feel like I’m 12 after applying it!

AveSeena products are 100% naturally derived, Leaping Bunny certified, and non-toxic.

Love Beauty and Planet Peace & Glow Sugar and Rose Body Scrub

rose scrub.jpeg

Who doesn’t love a nice body scrub, especially in the summer? For $7, this one gets the job done, smells good and doesn’t have that salty burn that many scrubs tend to have. One of my favorite drugstore lines—All Love, Beauty and Planet products are sustainably sourced, vegan and cruelty-free. Did I mention they all smell like heaven?

Coola Dawn Patrol Primer

dawn patrol.jpg

I am LIVING for this product right now. Dawn Patrol is an SPF 30 primer that feels so light on your skin, you almost won’t believe this is a sunscreen. But I’m 1000% sure they are NOT lying. At the moment, I want to declare this my favorite multitasker of all time. I even use it without makeup to avoid that heavy feeling of sunscreen on my face. Coola products are vegan, oxybenzone-free, octinoxate-free, paraben free and reef safe/friendly.

If your skin is a little dryer or you aren’t looking for a primer, I’m all about Coola Sport Face SPF 50 White Tea Organic Sunscreen Lotion. It’s available in the summer Fab Fit Fun Box. Use my code: AMANDAL for $10 off. Just a heads up—this product costs $32 and the box is $40 with the code. There are sooooo many awesome goodies in the box including a makeup palette from Tarte. Check out my Instagram for a full reveal of every product. 

Bloom Mineral Beauty Purifying Almond Scrub

bloom .jpg

Because I use not-so-eco-friendly Retin A on my skin regularly, my face has the tendency to peel and flake. This scrub gently removes the flakes without burning or irritation. It has a light, but creamy texture. Boom Mineral Products are paraben-free, GMO-Free, petroleum, and cruelty-free.


Another favorite multitasker—I use often use this oil at night because it really moisturizes and soothes. The Vitamin C makes an additional serum unnecessary, which is great for your wallet and the planet. Because this oil is very concentrated, one bottle lasts pretty close to forever. It’s great for all skin types including oily and has no synthetic fragrances, parabens, or phthalates.

GA-DE Fragrances


So, TBH, I haven't tried this line myself yet because I just learned about it, but I'm obsessed already. GA-DE has a full line of makeup, skincare, bodycare and perfume. Finding less toxic perfumes can be such a challenge, so I'm dying to try them. GA-DE uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging and ingredients that are better for people and environment. I'm obsessed with their fragrances which include Icon Pearl, Icon Musk, and Icon Vanilla Black. Also, these bottles are soooooo pretty, I want all of them.



Podcast: Gayle Miler of Beauty Skin Glow


It’s our second episode with esthetician Gayle Miller of Beauty Skin Glow in Woodland Hills. We talk lots of beauty, travel, flying and skincare, product picks, TSA nightmares and so much more. Listen on iTunes or below. 

Gayle Miller

Beauty Skin Glow



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Stowaway Cosmetics

A Sweat Life Article About Natural Makeup Lines

Christian Siriano Silhouette In Bloom

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Sparkle Like Meghan Markle With A Boat Neck

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 11.35.38 AM.png

First of all, my congratulations to the happy couple. I’m predicting, whether you liked it or not, Meghan Markle’s white Givenchy gown by British designer Clare Waight Keller is about to set a huge trend. And if you were wondering…. Of course I loved her dress! The boat neck or bateau neckline was simple, but stunning. This look is flattering and works on just about everyone! I’m counting down the seconds until they are officially “a thing.” So get your closet ready now! Whether you are getting married or going out to lunch—you will want to steal the style of the Duchess of Sussex. Here are a few boat neck dresses and tops I absolutely love almost as much as I loved watching the royal wedding on televison.

Alice & Olivia Virgil Boat Neck Wrap Dress

alice and olivia virgil.jpg

This is so pretty and classic for the summer. Wear it to a garden party or even your own wedding rehearsal dinner. 

 Eliza J Bell Sleeve Lace Shift Dress

Eliza J Boat neck midi.jpg

This dress is sweet and modest, just like the Duchess. It's also available in plus sizes.

Halston Heritage Flowy Boatneck Dress

halston heritage boatneck.png

If you aren't into a full-on boat neckline, this dress is super chic and a little more formal. It's also super flattering. 

 J.McLaughlin Presley Bell Sleeve Blouse

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 11.12.51 AM.png

This blouse (ugh, I'm not a fan of that word, so let's call it a top) is so pretty that you literally can't go wrong wearing it. You'll want to wear it for seasons and years to come. 

Michael Stars Boat Neck Shine Top

Michael Stars boat neck.jpeg

The perfect casual top! I promise you will want to capsule collection this wardrobe staple.

How To Leave Them Speechless With Your Style


Sometimes when I’m shopping everything starts to blend together. A pink dress is a pink romper is a pink lipstick is a pink handbag. Store A might as well be website B, which is no different than boutique C. It’s like the theme song of Weeds, “And they’re all made out of little ticky tacky and they all look just the same.” However, it doesn’t have to be this way...

No pun intended, but let’s talk about Speechless…

I was recently introduced to this brand and I’m obsessed. Their hashtag is #leavethemspeechless because their styles are so different than what EVERYONE ELSE is doing. Okay, it’s not so out there that it’s not on trend, but Speechless really puts its own spin on everything. From combining florals and stripes to long sleeved rompers that work for every occasion, I have to slow clap a brand that really puts lots of thought into their designs. Here are a few of my fave pieces for the spring. 

speechless two piece.jpg

How cute is this Speechless Two Piece Party Dress? Every time I wear it, people give me compliments to a level I consider borderline annoying, but at the same time, I can't blame them. This outfit is great for day or evening.

I love rompers maybe more than anything. But I can't get away with wearing shorts absolutely everywhere.  So, these maxi rompers are perfect for when I need to make my look a little less casual and a little more fashionista. 

Maxi Romper SPEECHLESS.jpg

This stripe and flower maxi romper has a such a fun print. The bell sleeves and not super short shorts make it really versitile. I've been wearing this everywhere from biz meetings to brunch.  

speechless cold shoulder maxi

I'm also obsessed with this Cold Shoulder Maxi Romper

Photo Credit  Sera Alper

Photo Credit Sera Alper

When I'm not romping around, I'm living in this Smocked Midi Dress. The print is super cute with stripes and butterflies, which is a nice break from florals. It's also the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I can nap in it and I do. 


I Left My House: Regard Magazine Spring 2018 Cover Party


I'm thinking of starting a new feature on this blog called I Left My House because I've been going to so many cool events lately. On April 3rd,  I had the privilege of attending the party for the Spring 2018 issue of Regard Magazine at The Riviera 31 inside the Sofitel. If you are wondering why I don't have a picture of myself at the event, it's because I had a bad reaction to raw juice and was so ill that I nearly missed the party. I'll spare you those details, but I'll share the fun ones of the event with you.

First of all, I love Regard Magazine. It's a digital publication filled with beautiful photos and fun celeb interviews. The Spring 2018 cover features the Stars of Crackle’s original drama series, The OathRyan Kwanten, Katrina Law and Cory Hardict.

There were so many celebs at this party, including Arlen Escarpeta (The Oath), Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley, Camila Banus (Days of Our Lives), Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker, obvs),  Petri Byrd (Judge Judy), Celeste Thorson, Carrie Bernans (Black Panther), Carly Hughes (ABC's American Housewife), Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass, Inconceivable), Santana Dempsey (Scandal, Dear White People), Zackary Momoh (Netflix 7 Seconds), Anthony Pazos and Tess Broussard.


I'll share a little gossip with you. Gretchen looked gorgeous and I had a really nice conversation with Slade. Don't believe what you read about them. They are both so lovely in person, especially Slade. And.... they're both coming on the podcast when we get back from Ali's maternity leave. 


There were so many great sponsors of the event including Absolut Elyx, Gretchen Christine LuggageBloom Mineral Beauty (their exfoliator is life chaning), Impressions Vanity, Savvy Travelers (these are saving my life lately), Twila True Beauty, Twila True Fine JewelryBeverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, Kut from the Kloth, and SoCal Mirror Booth.


Don't be jealous of my swag. Okay, totally be jealous of my swag. 

There was also a silent auction to benefit The True Souix Hope Foundation because karma.

All photos by Sheri Determan. 



Spring Makeup 2018: Everything I'm Wearing


So last week, I shared the vanity area I created in my office. Having a Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror is a game changer. It’s the mirror equivalent of driving in the express lane to Flawlessville because bad makeup is the worst.

You know when you put on makeup in a place with bad lighting, you leave the house and people who love you approach you in an uncomfortable way and ask, “Can I be honest?”


Then they tell your makeup looks like dog doo doo and that you’re about as blended as yesterday’s stale smoothie? If you have a Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. EVER!

So what am I applying to my flawless (or TBH, close enough) face? Here are all of my spring 2018 makeup go-tos.


(1) Miss A Paw Paw Charity: All About Eyes Brush Set + Brush Holder

I love this brush set because it comes with a pretty holder. The brushes are super soft, Instaperfect and it's under $11 for the entire thing. A portion of each purchase goes to help animals, so yay for extra karma points.

(2) Style Edit Blonde Perfection Root Touch Up

Style Edit is a hot mess prevention tool that lets you temporarily cover up your roots. But, it's not just for blondes—there are shades available for all hair colors.

(3) Coola Dawn Patrol Primer

I live and die for Retin A, but it makes your skin super sensitive to the sun, so I need to wear sunscreen every day. This primer and sunscreen combo feels so light, it’s like not wearing anything at all. I even use it without makeup.

(4) Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray

I use this primer when I'm running late and don’t have that extra minute. The formula is ideal for oily and combination skin.

(5) Urban Decay Defense Complexion Primer

I might be addicted to primer. Please send help! But seriously, how is your foundation going to stay on without a good foundation?

(6) Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

I love this foundation because it’s vegan and the coverage is very buildable. I wear it to the supermarket and for photoshoots. It's the only one I need.

(7) Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder

With an SPF of 45, it’s a great way to re-apply sunscreen, and I love that the powder is built into the brush. 

(8) Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Illuminator

Created by Olympic athletes, I’m obsessed with Sweat because I can wear it when I work out or go hiking. It's the most natural looking highlighter I've tried and very easy to apply with the built-in brush. 

(9) Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50

One of my fave new multi-taskers, Supergoop! is perfect for those long days when I don't have time for a makeup touch-up.

(10) Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation SPF 30 Powder Jar

This stays put through spin class! Do I really need to say anything else? 

(11) MMXV Infinitude Cream

This light moisturizer is great under makeup, absorbs quickly and feels like nothing on the skin. It also has a fresh scent. Bonus!

(12) Nars Orgasm

I just can’t quit this classic blush. I’ve been wearing it since high school and I have yet to stray. It also blends really well with a highlighter. 

(13) Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Glosses

These lip glosses have just the right amount of color and shine with a surprising amount of staying power. They also plump your lips in a way that feels fresh without burning. Why do so many lip plumpers burn? Ugh! All of that with a smooth, almost buttery texture. If you’re over liquid mattes or want something a little lighter, Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine lip glosses are available every color you could ever want.

(14) Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Hands down, this is the best way to create a natural look. Every single color is usable, which is rare for any makeup palette.

(15) Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

I’m living for this eye/highlighter palette lately. It’s great for a bold look that works well on Instagram and IRL. If you like pinks and mauves, but are afraid to try them, Backtalk can help you create truly wearable looks. Just a head’s up—it’s limited edition, so buy one now! Maybe buy more than one. Not kidding. 

(16) Beth Bender Beauty Highlighters

Did you hear Beth on my podcast? She has the best highlighters and I have them in LOTS of colors. I even use them on my eyes in a pinch.

(17) Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

This concealer is a little spendy but it lasts forever. I’ve had mine for over two years with no end in sight. It’s the bottomless mimosas of makeup.

(18) Miss A Brush Egg

I use this tool to clean my brushes off in between washing them.

(19) Urban Decay Eyeshadow

Clearly, I'm Urban Decay for life!

(20) Beth Bender Eyeliner Gel

These liner gels were made for creating the perfect cat eye and they are so easy to use. If you have trouble creating a cat eye, check out Beth's stencils. 

(21) Stoweaway Defined Volume Mascara

Perfect for a touch up on the go or for travel.

(22) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

These eyeliners apply like butter, wash off like nothing, but stay on even through an episode of This is Us.  They are magic.

(23) Juice Beauty Phyto Pigment Ultra-Natural Mascara

I use this for an everyday natural look.

(24) Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat

This has all the right colors to create a perfect smoky eye. 

How I Decorated My Vanity Area

2018-03-31 06.42.56 1.jpg

A few months ago, Maxine Tatlonghari of Vanity Girl Hollywood was a guest on my podcast, Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About. She talked about creating beautiful vanity areas for women like Kim Kardashian. I was super jealous. I mean, who isn’t jealous of Kim? Also, don’t be a hater. To be honest, most of the time I was doing my makeup while sitting on my bathroom counter. I know that’s against some sort of blogger code or something, but it’s the truth. Also, sitting on granite hurt my butt.

So, I was incredibly grateful when she was kind enough to give me a beautiful Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror. It finally allowed me to create a space for myself. Think of it beauty version of Virginia Woolf, A Vanity Of One’s Own.

Vanity Girl Hollywood has mirrors that are next level. I have the Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror. With thirteen bulbs, it’s serious! If you want your own Vanity Girl, there are smaller models available and even portable and desktop versions from the pop up store. I love the portable mirror for when I travel and lighting Instagram flatlays.

While so many people have created entire rooms in their home out of their Vanity Girl mirrors, I didn’t exactly have that option. The only available space I had to do this was on one side of my home office. However, there was a buffet table already occupying that space and didn’t want to get rid it because it was a gift from my late Aunt. Then I realized that I didn’t have to. I purchased a machine washable a pink palm leaf tablecloth from Amazon and turned my buffet into a vanity in one easy step.

vanity girl hollywood.jpg

Then it was time to accessorize…

Two years ago, I received this French antique vase from Alice Kwartler Antiques in New York for my wedding. It’s beautiful, but I never really had a good spot for it until now.

Then, I took a silver serving tray I also received as a wedding gift and put some perfume bottles on it. I keep four of the fragrences that are in my current rotation on the tray. These days I’m super into Siano by Phur, Silhouette in Bloom by Christian Siriano (I’m also living for the bottle), Nuit et Confidences by Annick Goutal and Romance by Ralph Lauren (no relation, but yes, a total classic).

perfume tray.JPG

But there was one problem…

Using a tablecloth makes any storage aspects of the table null and void. So, I bought the Lexington Blush 3-Tier Rolling Cart from Michael’s of all places. By the way, there is nothing wrong with Michael’s, but I’m not into crafting. I had actually never been to one before ordering this cart. Isn’t he dating some woman named Joann? Can I tell a better joke? 

Lexington Blush 3-Tier Rolling Cart.jpeg

So, want to know what’s in my cart? Stay tuned for Part II of this post, which will feature my new makeup faves. 

All The Festival Fashion From The STS Blue X StyleCon

STS Blue X Stylecon Unicorn

I love parties and denim (seriously who doesn’t?). So, I was thrilled to attend the STS Blue X StyleCon festival season kickoff event at the Hotel Indigo in Downtown Los Angeles last week. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of the photos from the party. I know it's been borderline thirsty, but were so many pretty backgrounds, how could I not? (I. CAN’T. HELP. LOVING. ALL. THE. PRETTY. BACKGROUNDS)

STS Blue X Stylecon Step and Repeat

While parties are fun, can we pause and talk seriously for like half a second? To be honest, I have a little confession. I find jean shopping just about as much fun as waiting in line to pee at Starbucks. (Not just the line, but when you actually get to the bathroom, it's always a nightmare.) But STS Blue jeans fit me so perfectly, jean shopping drama is a thing of the past. OVER IT! This is because their denim stretches to fit my body (and yours) perfectly. Also, I’m not the tallest person and so I normally have to get everything hemmed, but not STS. The only person I know who doesn’t like STS Blue is my tailor, who may be sending out a search party for me as you read this because I haven't seen her in forever.

Denim For Days

STS has so many cute things like these Emma Distressed Skinny jeans in Optic White. Break the rules and don’t wait for Memorial Day to wear this color.  Wear them now! Like this second. 

STS Blue Emma Distressed Skinny Jeans

STS also has lots of denim shorts. These have the same signature stretch as the pants do and they make your butt look it should be on the cover of a magazine. This season, I’m all about wearing the black Rose Bowl Distressed Denim Shorts.

STS Blue Rosebowl Distressed Denim Shorts

I also live in their denim jackets. I just got the Alexis Ruffle Oversize Boyfriend Jacket for spring, which I had customized to make extra special. What a great gift idea or maybe for your sorority. 

STS Blue Alexa Jacket With Embroidery

I also have the Avery Boyfriend Jacket, which is a little less girly. It's also super comfortable. Sometimes, I’ll wear it with a sweatshirt and leggings to go to Pilates. But not spin. Obviously...

Next Level Festival Chic

Ten Sixity Sherman and Madison and Berkely

I was so excited to meet the team from sister labels Madison & Berkely and Ten Sixty Sherman. If you need anything you would describe as festival chic or even festival fabulous, these brands will be your new best friends. Check my Instagram tomorrow (or maybe now depending on when you are reading this) to see a few of my favorite pieces.

Don't Forget Accessories

Gretchen Christine was another sponsor of the party. Designed by Real Housewife, Gretchen Rossi (who, not to brag but I’ve met her IRL and she is super nice) designs these beautiful vegan leather handbags. She also has an awesome vegan nail polish collab with Twila True.

There were so many other fab brands involved with the event including Indi, H2R0se, Billion Dollar Brows, Suja Kumbuca, Neocell, Jet Suite X, and Heroes Beauty.

And Extra Karma Points...

But the purpose of the event wasn't just about fashion or Coachella. It also benefitted Shannon Elizabeth’s Animal Avengers organization. If you want to help them out on the regular, you can round up the pennies from your credit card purchases using the Coin Up app. 

***Special thanks to Speechless Dresses for the romper I wore to this event.

Everything You Need To Throw The Perfect Party


Two Sundays ago, my closest friend and podcast co-host, Ali Levine had a co-ed baby shower at The Rockwell in Los Angeles. It was such a beautiful party and I can't wait for Baby J, as we are calling her right now. After the party, I was thinking about why it was so good and I realized it's because it had every element of a perfect party.  So whether you are throwing a baby shower or any kind of event, here is a checklist of all the inspo you need. 

Great Invitations


Start things right with the invite. I loved Ali's, which were designed by Paper and Poise. Even if you are sending electronically and not a paper invite, you need to make it pretty. Protip: If you can't use Paper and Poise, make your own with Canva.

Location Location Location


Location is everything. The Rockwell in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles was the perfect location because it's outdoors but also shaded over, so the temperature doesn't get too hot or cold. You also didn't feel claustrophobic. The party was also on its own floor and there was a sign that showed everyone where to go. They also had a parking lot in the back and a fairly good amount of street parking. If you live in a driving city, you need good parking or everyone will be annoyed with you even before the party begins.

A Pretty Cake


I heart cake so hard. Nothing could have been prettier than Ali's cake from Rockiies Cakes.  And yes, it was just as yummy as it looked. Also, there is no such thing as too much fondant. The cake pops from Peach Tree & Belle were also a nice touch. 

Beautiful Decor


Flowers always look beautiful and appropriate for any occasion. Ali's boxed roses from L'Amour Toujours were a dream. The box is such an interesting way to not only display the flowers but it makes transporting them so much easier. 



Dressing Like The Stars: Blue & Yellow Dresses For The Oscars 2018


The Academy Awards is one of the most important nights of the year for fashion and entertainment. But I don't need an envelope or a statue to declare yellow and blue the clear winners of the evening. I am absolutely obsessed with Jennifer Garner's and Nicole Kidman's blue dresses and Eiza Gonzalez' and Greta Gerwig's yellow dresses. But, as jaw dropping as these colors are for the red carpet, they are also really accessible to the rest of us.  Here are my favorite yellow and blue dresses for every occasion. 

True Blue

And Yellow Too...

A Romper Or Jumpsuit For Every Potentially Disastrous Social Situation

Trendy Romper.jpeg

If you read this blog or follow me on social media, you know I’m obsessed with rompers and jumpsuits. This is mainly because they involve minimal decisions. Why choose a top and a bottom when you can just choose one thing? Seriously, I have to make a million decisions every day, so if I can sign up for one less, I’m happy to. Speaking of less, when it comes to certain things, it’s always more. Let me explain—if you show me 100 pairs of shoes, there will not be one pair I want. But if you show me five pairs of shoes, I’ll want six. It’s just the way my life works…

This is exactly why I love what is perhaps the most self-explanatory site ever, Trendy Rompers. It’s very well curated, which is the best because I don’t have time, energy, or patience to look through hundreds of things. Trendy Rompers pares it down and only has the good stuff. Here are a few of my faves and the occasions they are most appropriate for. 

You Have To Dress Like An Adult & But Also Not, On The Same Day With No Time To Change


The Malia Black Wide Leg Jumpsuit is perfect for those days when you need to do a quick wardrobe change. Wear it with a sweater or blazer for the office and then go full on jumpsuit for happy hour.

You Have To Go To An Evening Event & You Have No Idea If It’s Formal Or Casual & You Hate Everyone There Already


I was literally going through this last week. I had to go an influencer event, it was freezing out and I kept annoying a friend of mine with photos of outfit options. That’s why I’m totally into Whitney Black Lace Maxi Romper. The maxi skirt and sexy top make it cocktail chic, but the shorts say, “I didn’t overthink this.” Even if you did…

You Need Jaws To Drop


Do you want to walk into a room and have everyone stare? Because the Audrey Taupe Strapless Jumpsuit will bring all the jaws to the floor. The taupe color is perfect all year around and a fun alternative to black. Wear this with a statement necklace and a bold shoe.

You’re Having A Blah Day & You Need To Feel Fabulous


You know those days when you feel gross, but you have a dinner or brunch and need to not feel that way? The Maryrose Blue Floral Print Jumpsuit was made for those days. The bright print automatically puts you in a good mood. It’s also super comfortable and just right for a post bottomless mimosa nap.

First Day Of Vacay


How pretty is the Lo Seashell Off-The-Shoulder Romper? It’s great for a romp around town or to wear to a seaside brunch. You can even use it as a cover-up over swimwear. The neutral color goes with anything you already own.  

A Party For A Real Housewife's Really Cute Bag Line


Gretchen Rossi is one of my favorite Real Housewives. A few months ago, I interviewed her for A Sweat Life and I’ve been loving on her Gretchen Christine handbag line for a while now. So, I was super excited to attend the Gretchen Christine PopUpParty™ at Impressions in West Hollywood. So many celebs showed up to support her including Peggy Sulahian, Ashley Fargo, Beril Ackay, Lisa Arasheben, Craig Ramsay (From Bravo’s Newlyweds and my podcast), Caitlin O’Conner, Rachel McCord, Ali Levine and Emilia McCarthy. And yes, if you were wondering, Gretchen is absolutely beautiful, nice, and super tiny in person.

It was also great to see all of the Gretchen Christine handbags IRL. I was really surprised because we all know celeb fashion lines are either amazing or a complete disaster. Luckily, the first description applies to this one. Photos don’t really do it justice. Furthermore, every accessory comes with bonus karma points because they are made of vegan leather. 

Impressions also carries her new luggage line, which will basically make everyone at the airport jealous of you. Seriously, not kidding. Keep your eyes on your GC at the baggage claim because people will be tripping over themselves to steal it from you. My favorite bag is the Voyageur Matelassé in White Marble.

Made of quilted nylon and vegan leather, it has 360° spin roller wheels and a bumper-guard at the base. It is sold as a set with a matching purse, which is so cute it almost shouldn't be allowed. You can carry it separately or slide into the trolley handle when you are running through the airport in heels trying not to miss your flight (or is that just me?). The silver clasp also makes it easy to open and close, which is important if you are doing last minute airport shopping (and by if, I mean when). The modern marble print is so clean looking and really stands out. I really want one of these for myself (hint, hint, Gretchen, please swag me out, girl).

Gretchen also debuted her collab nail polish with Twila True. This line has a 5 free formula, which means it doesn’t contain camphor, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and toluene. But more importantly, the colors are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what Grethen does next. 


How To Wake Up With Hair Like A Mermaid


Do you want to wake up with perfect beach waves like a mermaid? No, this isn’t an infomercial, but I am going to share something magic with you. Please believe me when I say I basically woke up like this. Getting dreamy beach waves in your sleep is easy and will even save you time in the morning, so it's basically the best beauty multitasking ever.

Here’s everything you need (and you might not even need all of this) 

Verb Sea Salt Spray

Alterna Bamboo Beach Ocean Waves Spray

Alterna Bamboo Waves Cream

A cotton headband

Two hair ties

A silk pillowcase (optional but trust me on this)

1. Before you go to bed, brush out your hair. I like using a WET Brush on dry hair to detangle, but whatever brush you have will do.

2. Spray out your hair with either product. The Alterna is a less drying than the Verb because it doesn’t have salt, but you have to see what works best for your hair.

3. Create two pigtail braids. The tighter the braid, the more defined the wave. I also recommend starting the braid around ear level because it makes your waves more natural looking.

Just me in my PJs

Just me in my PJs

4. Put on a cotton headband to keep the braids in place. You don't have to do this, but I highly recommend it because it really keeps the hair in place.

5. Pass out on your silk pillowcase. If you were wondering…Silk pillowcases are less damaging to the hair and prevent frizz. Also, they feel super nice and fancy. 

6. When you wake up, take your braids out and look like a mermaid. If you move around a lot in your sleep and your hair is looking a little Ursula-esque, don’t fret. Lightly (and I mean lightly) flatiron the top of your hair. Then slightly dampen your hands and run the Alterna cream through the waves of your hair.

7. Look like a mermaid and impress everyone.

If you want mermaid hair but have time management issues or there's other stuff going on when you sleep, dampen your hair, spray on product and leave it in braids for as long as possible. You can also use any hair dryer to speed up the process. Just make sure to leave your braids in for a few minutes after applying heat, so the hair sets.

Mermaid at the Farmers Market.

Mermaid at the Farmers Market.

Just a heads up (no pun intended, kinda), this tutorial works best on long hair. But as long as your hair is shoulder length (must stop punning), you should be fine. It also might take a night or two to get the hang of it and see where you should start your braids and how tight they should be, but once you get the hang of it—this will change your life, or at least your hair, so close enough.

Eight Ways Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have To Suck or Pink Things I Love That You Should Buy Yourself Because It’s Totally Alright To Feel Awful Today


Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry, is this annoying? When I was single I hated Valentine’s Day because obvi. But even as someone who has been married for two wonderful years, I’m kind of not feeling V-Day this year. While nothing horrible is happening, everything has gone wrong. It started when my husband’s gift was delivered late and he ended up opening it accidentally. I love to surprise him and that pleasure was taken from me. I don’t know whether to cry or call the vendor and start screaming. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but then last night, our Netflix and Chill plans were foiled when we learned that the new season of Love was not being released on Valentine’s Day this year. While maybe we should have realized this sooner, the previous two seasons of the show have both debuted on Valentine’s Day. At least the trailer is out, but it’s not quite the same.So, this makes me realize that no matter who you are or what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day can still suck. But it is also a great opportunity to practice self-care and self-love. Whether it’s buying yourself a treat below (I’ve found so many good ones) or treating yourself to Flywheel and Starbucks (I’m sipping some iced tea right now in my sweaty activewear), if you need to give yourself some extra love today or the only person you smooch is your puppy—that’s totally okay.

Note Cosmetics Lipsticks and Lipglosses

Note to self: Put Note Cosmetics on your radar. I’ve been really impressed with this line because it’s paraben-free, cruelty-free and so wallet-friendly it’s practically free (or like close enough). My lips are loving all of their pink and red lipglosses and lipsticks, but they have a full line of makeup.

Beth Bender Highlighters


I met Beth Bender IRL when she was on my podcast. She was such a doll and I was really impressed at the amount of work and how much of her personal touch she puts into making every product in her line. Sweeten Up and Pik Nik highlighters are my favorite pinks. Apply them using the fan brush and prepare to have your face game changed. I also use these highlighters instead of eyeshadow when I’m feeling lazy, which is often.

SPELA Liquid Mattes

Whether you are smooching another person or your pet, you what you put on your lips should stay on your lips. Applying lipstick should be fun, not another task you need to put on your to-do list. SPELA’s liquid mattes stay on strong but aren’t drying. Super rich in color, they are vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and non-toxic! I mean, don’t eat it, but like go for that ice cream cone. 

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette


I think I love Urban Decay’s Naked3 Palette as much as I love my dogs and cupcakes. Every single color is good. Like I feel seriously conflicted choosing which ones I want to use because they are all so good. It’s the right way to do pink eye makeup without looking like you have pinkeye or an unhealthy obsession with the 80’s.

Alacran Tequila Pink Limited Edition


When all else fails, DRINK. Seriously, if you feel bad today, go out and get some Alacran Tequila. And do it guilt free because they donate 50 % of sales from their limited edition pink bottle to awareness breast cancer awareness charities. Made of 100% Weber Blue Agave tequila, it tastes smooth and delicious on the rocks, in a cocktail or if need be, straight out of the bottle (I’m not judging you).

Roxx Polish Rose Quartz Infused Vegan Lip Balm

I’m kind of obsessed with Rose Quartz lately because it’s the crystal of love and self-care. I give myself an extra dose every night. Before I go to bed, I alwasy I apply this lip balm to my lips. It also smells like candy.

Gretchen Christine Cassandra Credit Card + Coin Purse


You know when a whole wallet is a whole ordeal? That’s why I love this little Gretchen Christine credit card holder and coin purse. Made of pink vegan leather, it’s flanked by shiny gold card slots. It also has a ring to hold your keys. It’s a sweet little treat that makes life easier. And if you are being a #girlboss, it totally works as a business card holder.

Parfait Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra & Underwear

Can we talk about lingerie? It’s kind of magical. I’m sick of people thinking you should wear it for your partner! Wear it for yourself! I always feel so much better when I put on a sexy bra and panties. It radiates through me. Furthermore, as someone who needs extra support (I’m a D Cup), Parfait has me covered. I love the Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra and matching underwear because the look is a little retro.