Activewear Makeup Is Now A Thing & You Are Going To Be Obsessed

Kinx Active Larchmomt

A few weeks ago, I first posted about Kinx Active, which is a new activewear cosmetics company. Ever since, I’ve been dropping hints about the amazing photoshoot we had with Hayley Fisk.

Kinx Logo Shirt

Unlike your regular makeup, Kinx kind of has super powers. It looks like ordinary makeup and is applied the same way, but you can put it on at the beginning of the day, get your sweat on and then walk around without looking like you either got into a fight with someone or watched a mini marathon of Beaches followed by Titanic.


Kinx currently offers three gel finish eyeliners, which are Black (so classic), Syrup (the perfect everyday brown) and Cream (perfect for making your eyes look awake after one of those hour and a half long yoga classes- yawn). While Kinx doesn’t sweat off, it is easily removed with regular makeup remover. Don’t ask me how that works. I just enjoy the benefits.

Larchmont Dress

This is me enjoying the benefits of Kinx. If you were wondering, it’s replaced every other eyeliner I wear because clearly, I’m not working out in this picture.

Another bonus is that Kinx liners self-sharpen. If you've ever accidently stabbed yourself in the eye or tried to line with a dull pencil, you know how important this is. Seriously, other than water boarding, could anything possibly feel worse than trying to line your eyes with a dull pencil?

Dr Pilates Reformer

I’m all dolled up and getting my Pilates on. If you want to steal my look, both the tank top and leggings are DG 2 LUX SPORT by Diane Gilman. But don’t steal my Kinx, get your own.

Dr Pilates Magic Circle

DR Pilates on Larchmont in Los Angeles is my favorite studio. If you want to stalk me, I’m there at least once a week. Like Kinx and DG 2 LUX SPORT, DR is magical. But don’t ask me what is magical about the Magic Circle because I’ve been trying to figure that out for years.

Post class, I still have my glow and another DG 2 LUXSPORT top and t-shirt on.

Dr Pilates outiside

Seriously, this is close up. Does it look like I just spent an hour on the reformer? NOPE!

Kinx Face Wipes

Kinx also has amazing face wipes for when I need a little post cardio triage. Smart people engineered the leak-free packaging, so your wipes don’t dry out. Because a dried out face wipe is a useless face wipe. Thank you Kinx for thinking of the most important face wipe feature ever.

Larchmont Blvd

This is me on my way to spin class. You bet I’m using my Kinx about an hour from now.

So, if you want to get your Kinx on at a sweet discount, go to Kinx Active and use promo code AL15 for 15% off.