F-It Fridays: Favorite Trader Joe's Beauty Products

Happy Friday! It feels nothing like a Friday for me right now. I’m going to BeautyCon tomorrow with my co-host Ali. We’re going to try to record our podcast there, so it will be a totally different process than what we normally do. On Sunday, I’m going to the Propel Fitness CO:LABS Festival and finally getting to meet my editor from A Sweat Life because she lives in Chicago.

So, what does all of this have to do with an F-It Friday post anyway? A lot. I’ve had such a busy week. It looks like things are going to slow down for me never, which is probably a good thing. During times when I don’t have a minute to spare, I’m really grateful for one-stop shopping. While I’m generally not a fan of Los Angeles supermarkets (listen to the first episode of the podcast, I rant all about how terrible they are), I LOVE Trader Joe’s. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time (well not a lot, but like two minutes every time I go) in their beauty aisle, which isn’t really an aisle but more like three shelves. But I like their less is more approach, especially when I’m short on time. It also means not going to multiple stores. Here are some of my TJ’s must-haves. 

Face & Body Sunscreen SPF 30

I like this better than any other sunscreen I’ve bought at the drugstore or health food store. It’s not greasy or smelly, absorbs quickly and gets the job done. For $5.99, I slather it on, share it and usually find I have multiple bottles in different beach bags. 

Lavender Salt Scrub

Lavender Salt Scrub is a great multitasker because it exfoliates and moisturizes. The lavender scent is very relaxing and perfect for a pre-bedtime shower. The oil really penetrates your skin so you can even skip the post shower body lotion.

French Orange Blossom Honey Liquid Soap

I like to keep a bottle of this on my bathroom sink. It smells EXPENSIVE--like a hotel in Paris or a fancy mansion in the Hamptons. I challenge you to a scent test with any fancy hand soap and TJ’s will win every single time. The only problem is the bottle isn’t big enough. Trader Joe’s People-- if you are reading this, can you please sell this soap by the gallon? Thank you!

Organic Argan Oil

I actually tried this for the first time yesterday. While I get nervous about trying new hair products, I bought it on a whim and I’m so happy I did. I was so busy that I actually let my hair air dry. It came out so pretty and soft, I almost can’t believe it. For $6.99, you’ll be tempted to use a lot, be forewarned, a little argan oil goes a long way. The packaging is also great because it has a little dropper thing and you can dispense the exact amount you want.

Refresh Citrus Body Wash

Refresh is the right word here! I usually don’t like most body washes because they are overly perfumed or dry out my skin, but the simple citrus scent feels great after the beach or a workout. For $2.99, I can use as much as I want (I can go through a gallon of body wash in two weeks, easily) and not feel guilty about it at all.

Tea Tree Oil


I’m obsessed with oils and this might be my new favorite one. Tea Tree oil is good for acne and a natural treatment for athlete’s foot, which is something I’m really prone to. Gross? TMI—sorry, I’ve had this problem since I was a kid and I know I’m not alone. Sometimes, I just open the bottle and take a whiff to clear my sinuses.