Happy National Lipstick Day!

Happy National Lipstick Day! If we are going to celebrate one cosmetic as a nation, it should be lipstick. After all, lipstick is magic. We apply it and our face changes. Lipstick is always there for us when we need it. Seriously, I have at least three or four lipsticks or glosses in my pursue at all times, so I can have an automatic pick me up whether my lips are feeling a little dry or my mood is a little meh. Also, when someone asks you for a pen… just kidding…you’re SOL, lipstick makes an awful pen.

Here are a few fun facts about lipstick you can share with people and sound like a total smart mouth--

The average woman spends $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime of which $1,780 is on lipstick.

Does anyone else read this and realize they are so NOT the average woman?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and other early feminists wore bright red lipstick as symbol of their defiance at the 1912 NYC Suffragette rally.

So can we stop staying lipstick isn’t feminist?

About 81% of American women wear lipstick compared to 70% of French women, who prefer a more natural look.

Or maybe they just lied when taking this survey because we all know how awesome French makeup is.

During economic downturns, sales of lipstick increase because it’s an affordable luxury. This is known as The Lipstick Affect.

Don’t we all know this?

In 1828, Guerlain introduced the first lipstick, which was more like a pomade.

I wonder if they applied it with a lip brush or were just lazy like I am and used their finger?


So are you treating yourself to a lipstick today?

Here are a few of my favorites—

Liquid Matte

I love a liquid matte because it looks like a regular lipstick but applies like a gloss, which I always think is easier. Huda Liquid Matte in Jetsetter is so pretty no matter what look I'm going for and it's the color of a cocktail. Plus, it’s also long lasting so I can drink and not reapply every five minutes.


Red lipstick gives you INSTANT sex appeal. If you wake up feeling less than your hottest, red lipstick is all you need. I’ve said it before, and I’m pretty sure I’ll say it again, Nars Cruella is universally amazing on everyone. It’s a velvet matte lip pencil that goes on smoothly and is really easy to apply. Another thing I love about it is that if you aren’t a lip liner person (I aspire to be-- but I’m just not), you can use this pencil to outline your lips and fill in without any additional product. 


If your lips tend to get dry, lipstick can go horribly wrong, which is why I love Fresh’s Sugar. It moisturizes like a lip balm but gives you the color you want, so it’s the best of all worlds. There are 13 different colors, but my personal fav is Tulip.



After discovering it by accident, one of my favorite lip products of all time is Wet N Wild’s Balm Stain in A Stiff Pink. For just $2.99, it’s the perfect cheap treat. It’s a fun, bright pink and stays on way longer than the price would make you think.


I’ve been obsessed with a bold lip this summer, which is why I really like Chantecaille’s Hollyhock. It’s an orange-based pinky red kind of color that’s perfect for day and compliments a tan. I like to wear it and go very minimal on my eyes.

Almost Clear Gloss

Sometimes, I just want to have just the tiniest hint of color on my lips, which is why I like Paul & Joe’s Limited Edition Tinted Lipgloss in Musing. It is the subtlest pink color. Your lips will look just as pretty as the St. Tropez styled packaging.


Lipstick looks best on smooth, exfoliated lips. E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator is the easiest way to get the job done. It has grains of sugar to easily de-flake and shea butter, avocado oil and jojoba oil to leave your lips soft. You can apply it as you would any regular lipstick and then tissue off. Use it every day, if possible.