So Last Week... Things I Read That Are Totally Worth Your Time

Happy Sunday! Daylight Saving Time officially starts today, which means at some point this week, you will probably spend at least fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to change the time in your car (how this doesn't get updated automatically in newer models is beyond me) or perhaps on your oven or microwave. If you can actually remember how to do this, use those fifteen minutes to catch up on some of the things I read last week.  

A Sweat Life: Ideas For Moving On After Unlimited Class Memberships Are Cut

This week Class Pass put the kibosh on their unlimited membership plan. If you are wondering what to do now, A Sweat Life offers some good options.

Observer: 10 Tips From Fitness Experts on Working Out in the Morning

Speaking of fitness, morning workouts are far easier said than done. Here are ten great ways to motivate yourself to get your butt out of bed and in a squat position (or whatever position it’s supposed to be in for your chosen workout).

Flight of Spice: Summer Dress For Fall

Despite the falling temperatures, so many of us have summer dresses we just aren’t ready to transition out of our wardrobes just yet. In this post, Flight of Spice shows us we don’t have to, by styling a summer dress for the fall. 

Slate: Dear Prudence

If you didn't know from a previous post, Slate's Dear Prudence is a guilty pleasure of mine. While I don't always side with Mallory Ortberg’s advice, this week was so spot-on. 

Vogue: The Logo Belt Is Back! Here’s How to Wear It Without Feeling Like a Cheeseball

Hope you didn’t let go of your favorite logo belt because it’s back in style again. Vogue makes some suggestions on how to wear it this season.