Dresses to Decor: Trina Turk Edition

If you’ve looked at any of the roundups here, it’s not exactly a surprise that Trina Turk is one of my favorite brands. In addition to fitting me incredibly well, which is a challenge because I’m a petite hourglass (but that’s another post entirely), Trina’s designs are fun and colorful. Much like Lilly Pulitzer, which was the previous label featured in this series, Trina’s signature style translates really well into home décor. The bright hues and fun designs don’t take themselves too seriously and provide a simple way to add color to any outfit or room.

Another thing I really like about Trina Turk’s home line is that many of the pieces are relatively affordable. In fact, quite a few are currently on sale. So, don’t be surprised when you click on the pictures and discover that shower curtain or comforter will work perfectly with both your space and budget. 


Pillows can be magical, changing the vibe of a couch or chair from cold to warm and cozy. Trina’s pillows can be mixed with any style décor from Midcentury Modern to contemporary and even traditional. They’re so much fun, you might even consider starting a collection and changing them up seasonally.


It’s actually been proven that making your bed can change your life. So make your bed something you want to make. I’ve also discovered, in my totally unscientific opinion, that loving your bed leads to a better night’s rest. Changing your bedding is also perhaps the quickest and least expensive way to give your entire bedroom a makeover. 

From navy blue adorned with white mandalas to a sunny orange comforter with a Moroccan vibe and classic geometric patterns in between, Trina’s bedding is both modern and classic at the same time. 


If large prints or heavier comforters aren’t your thing, or if you prefer a more neutral style for a guest room, these bright quilts will add color without being over-the-top. Available in navy, fuchsia, coral, turquoise and white, they can be mixed and matched with clusters of Trina’s bold pillows to complete the look.


Plain white sheets can be such a snooze! Trina’s chic embroidered sheets combine a more traditional look with the brand’s signature geometric shapes. Luxurious, they range in thread count from 230 to 400 and work with any comforter or quilt. 

Shower Curtains

A well-decorated space will have some element of continuity between rooms.  Matching your shower curtain to your bedding is one way to do that. These bold prints can transform a boring bathroom into a glamorous sanctuary.


All of these towels are technically “beach towels,” so they’re larger than most bath towels, which I actually prefer. Why use a regular towel to dry off when you can wrap yourself up in a larger one? Feel like you’re at a spa every time you step out of the shower. I also like to use Trina’s towels to accessorize her swimwear, letting them hang halfway out of my beach bag. 

By the way, if you’ve fallen in love with Trina’s style and you’re wondering what this designer’s actual house looks like, her Palm Springs abode has been featured on My Domaine and One Kings Lane.

Fashion Inspired by Slate's Dear Prudence aka Investment(ish) Clothing For Fall

I’m a huge fan of Slate’s Dear Prudence column. While I don’t always agree with Mallory Ortberg's option, I always look forward to reading it. Last week, this question really got me thinking… 

I want to give the letter writer a hug and offer her a cocktail. Not only was her new bag destroyed (seriously the worst), but she also has to be reminded of this awful incident every time she encounters the most inconsiderate coworker in the world.

One argument I noticed came up in the comments was whether $200 was a lot for a handbag. After really thinking about it, I’ve concluded it’s only fair to say that it totally depends on the person and the handbag. $200 might be a steal for some, but a splurge for others.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to write roundups both for this blog and all of the other websites I’ve written for in the past. It’s always been my personal policy to feature products that work for a variety of budgets. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have style. The second reason is that it sucks when nothing is in your reach. I don’t want anyone to read my blog and feel badly about themselves. I’m all about being aspirational, but overly aspirational just isn’t my niche.

However, while fast fashion has it’s place, I am a big proponent of spending a little more to buy quality clothing you’ll want to wear for more than one season aka investment(ish) pieces. Here are some of my favorites for the fall. 

Honkey Tonk Skirt by Draper James

Draper James’ Honky Tonk Striped Skirt is timeless and versatile. Wear it to work with a white button down, a sexy top on date night or with a t-shirt to brunch. At $215, this is one of those bold pieces you can wear just about any place.

I love Draper James. Created by one of my favorite actresses, Reese Witherspoon, the brand is all about curated southern charm that stands out whether you are in Dallas or Detroit.

Chantal Faux Fur Cropped Vest by N:PHILANTHROPY

N:PHILANTHROPY’S Chantal Faux Fur Cropped Vest puts the “vest” in “investment(ish).” . If you’re not a vest person (no judgments here), but like the look, check out the Georgie Faux Fur Cropped Jacket instead. Both are 100% cruelty and guilt free because N:PHILANTHROPY donates 10% of their net proceeds to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the SPCA of Los Angeles.

Alana Cropped Distressed High-Rise Skinny Jeans by J. Brand

For $240, J Brand’s Alana cropped distressed high-rise skinny jeans are the happy medium of being distressed. Finding distressed jeans has been a challenge for me. Jeans that are not distressed enough look I'm wearing something that needs to be thrown out and overly distressed jeans look like I'm trying too hard. 

Luke Lace-Up Blazer by Intermix

For $425 with unique raw edges, Intermix's Luke Lace-Up Blazer is more badass than business. It’s the perfect blazer to wear with your J Brands or with leggings and boots.

Split-Side Wool and Cashmere-Blend Midi Dress by T by Alexander Wang

If you’re missing your summer maxi-dresses, T By Alexander Wang has your fix for fall. Their wool and cashmere blend midi dress is equally comfortable and stylish. For $345, you’ll be able to wear it through the winter with warm leggings.

Meridian Cashmere Wrap by Lilly Pulitzer

This $198 Lilly Pulitzer cashmere poncho does two things. It keeps you warm without being heavy and it adds a fun pop of color to your ensemble. Seriously, if you are one of those people who wears all-black a lot, you need this poncho like water. 

Trista Dress by Trina Turk

If you like Missoni, but also paying your rent, check out Trina Turk’s Trista dress. It’s a really useful fall piece for those of us who live in warmer climates. It’s currently on sale for $283.50 but normally costs $378. 

Adalyn Long Sleeved Blouse by Equipment

If there is one item I think is absolutely essential to spend more money on, it’s a white button down shirt. French label Equipment has built their popularity this type of shirt. While Equipment’s signature style is somewhat menswear inspired, their the Adalyn Long Sleeved blouse has softer lines and is worth every penny of $218.

Laverne Asymmetrical Dress by Alice + Olivia

You need a black dress for forever and the Laverne Asymmetrical Dress from Alice + Olivia is such a keeper. (I seriously want it for myself.) While the asymmetrical look is super trendy right now, this dress is so something you could wear to every wedding and event you ever attend for the rest of your life. I mean you wouldn’t, but you could…