Elevating Your Style With Covry Sunwear

I’ve always really loved big sunglasses because they make me feel fabulous faster than I can say “Sunshine in my eyes.” However, because I have a small face, finding a pair that actually looks good and stays on (without sliding off my nose) can be a challenge. That’s why I LOVE Covry.

If you feel like your sunnies are constantly trying to escape your face (you need to push them up every five minutes and briefly consider screaming in frustration), then Covry's signature Elevated Fit® might just be life changing. If you are wondering what I'm talking about, here's a handy dandy graphic that explains it. 

By the way, an Elevated Fit® is sometimes called an Asian fit (I promise you this expression is PC), but we all know this issue isn't limited to a specific ethnicity.


Covry has sunglasses available in a variety of styles, but the Coconut Vegas are my personal favorite. Every pair of glasses comes in a vegan leather case with a soft cleaning cloth because you want to be kind to your Covrys. 

The company was founded by two amazing #GirlBosses, Florence Shin and Athina Wang. Friends since high school, they bonded over their sliding sunglasses and realized if they wanted the job done right, they were going to have to do it themselves. So they created a Kickstarter campaign and have been kicking ass in the sunglass world ever since.

Check out all of Covry’s fabulous and (seriously, not kidding, for real) comfortable styles at Shop Covry