Everything You Need To Throw The Perfect Party


Two Sundays ago, my closest friend and podcast co-host, Ali Levine had a co-ed baby shower at The Rockwell in Los Angeles. It was such a beautiful party and I can't wait for Baby J, as we are calling her right now. After the party, I was thinking about why it was so good and I realized it's because it had every element of a perfect party.  So whether you are throwing a baby shower or any kind of event, here is a checklist of all the inspo you need. 

Great Invitations


Start things right with the invite. I loved Ali's, which were designed by Paper and Poise. Even if you are sending electronically and not a paper invite, you need to make it pretty. Protip: If you can't use Paper and Poise, make your own with Canva.

Location Location Location


Location is everything. The Rockwell in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles was the perfect location because it's outdoors but also shaded over, so the temperature doesn't get too hot or cold. You also didn't feel claustrophobic. The party was also on its own floor and there was a sign that showed everyone where to go. They also had a parking lot in the back and a fairly good amount of street parking. If you live in a driving city, you need good parking or everyone will be annoyed with you even before the party begins.

A Pretty Cake


I heart cake so hard. Nothing could have been prettier than Ali's cake from Rockiies Cakes.  And yes, it was just as yummy as it looked. Also, there is no such thing as too much fondant. The cake pops from Peach Tree & Belle were also a nice touch. 

Beautiful Decor


Flowers always look beautiful and appropriate for any occasion. Ali's boxed roses from L'Amour Toujours were a dream. The box is such an interesting way to not only display the flowers but it makes transporting them so much easier.