How I Decorated My Vanity Area

2018-03-31 06.42.56 1.jpg

A few months ago, Maxine Tatlonghari of Vanity Girl Hollywood was a guest on my podcast, Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About. She talked about creating beautiful vanity areas for women like Kim Kardashian. I was super jealous. I mean, who isn’t jealous of Kim? Also, don’t be a hater. To be honest, most of the time I was doing my makeup while sitting on my bathroom counter. I know that’s against some sort of blogger code or something, but it’s the truth. Also, sitting on granite hurt my butt.

So, I was incredibly grateful when she was kind enough to give me a beautiful Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror. It finally allowed me to create a space for myself. Think of it beauty version of Virginia Woolf, A Vanity Of One’s Own.

Vanity Girl Hollywood has mirrors that are next level. I have the Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror. With thirteen bulbs, it’s serious! If you want your own Vanity Girl, there are smaller models available and even portable and desktop versions from the pop up store. I love the portable mirror for when I travel and lighting Instagram flatlays.

While so many people have created entire rooms in their home out of their Vanity Girl mirrors, I didn’t exactly have that option. The only available space I had to do this was on one side of my home office. However, there was a buffet table already occupying that space and didn’t want to get rid it because it was a gift from my late Aunt. Then I realized that I didn’t have to. I purchased a machine washable a pink palm leaf tablecloth from Amazon and turned my buffet into a vanity in one easy step.

vanity girl hollywood.jpg

Then it was time to accessorize…

Two years ago, I received this French antique vase from Alice Kwartler Antiques in New York for my wedding. It’s beautiful, but I never really had a good spot for it until now.

Then, I took a silver serving tray I also received as a wedding gift and put some perfume bottles on it. I keep four of the fragrences that are in my current rotation on the tray. These days I’m super into Siano by Phur, Silhouette in Bloom by Christian Siriano (I’m also living for the bottle), Nuit et Confidences by Annick Goutal and Romance by Ralph Lauren (no relation, but yes, a total classic).

perfume tray.JPG

But there was one problem…

Using a tablecloth makes any storage aspects of the table null and void. So, I bought the Lexington Blush 3-Tier Rolling Cart from Michael’s of all places. By the way, there is nothing wrong with Michael’s, but I’m not into crafting. I had actually never been to one before ordering this cart. Isn’t he dating some woman named Joann? Can I tell a better joke? 

Lexington Blush 3-Tier Rolling Cart.jpeg

So, want to know what’s in my cart? Stay tuned for Part II of this post, which will feature my new makeup faves.