Things We're Too Lazy To Blog About Podcast: Jaclyn Marfuggi of What's Your Jersey


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Our guest this week is the host of What’s Your Jersey podcast and the most Sopranos-adjacent person we know, Jaclyn Marfuggi. We get into it about gummy vitamins, prenatal water, boy bands, dancing, fitness classes, spray tans, birth control, vaping, Hiball Energy Drinks, being pregnant, keeping pregnancy tests in the house, the time Jaclyn spray tanned the entire Hawaiian Tropic Pageant in Vegas, Sarah Stage envy, rose gold, renting, vanity tables, Kopari, Bioderma, cooking for our significant others, Exfolikate, housekeepers, Amanda’s terrible experience at Kleinfeld, New York City, New Jersey, The Sopranos, Lady Gaga, song parodies, the Short Hills Mall, Drunk Sports, how Jaclyn started her podcast, stand up comedy, and so much more.

And there is a special appearance from Lo French, who I once thought was actually Annabelle Desisto. LONG STORY.


Ali and I were on Jaclyn's podcast a few days before this went live. You can listen to that here.

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