I'm Saying It Now: Linen Pants Are The Sweatpants of Summer

I've been traveling around NYC and the Hamptons for the past two weeks. Two planes, four busses and many Uber rides later, I’m so happy to be home again. All of this schlepping has been quite exhausting and while comfort in fashion has never really been a priority for me, it was on this trip. I realized this when I was packing up the night before the final leg of my East Coast adventure, while I was choosing what to wear on the Hampton Luxury Liner back to the city. If you've never heard of the Luxury Liner and think it sounds like a fancy way to travel to Manhattan, let me clear things up. It's a slightly upgraded bus with wi-fi and leather seats. Their definition of luxury and mine (and probably yours) are slightly different. At the end of the day, luxury or not, busses generally aren't the most comfortable or chic way to travel, but that doesn't mean that what you wear can't be. 

A chronic over packer, I searched through my suitcase to find something I really wanted to wear. I have beautiful, blue linen pants I bought in Italy approximately 100 years ago. It’s embarrassing to say, I’ve brought them on so many trips and they never end up leaving my suitcase. Finally, my Italian linen pants were going to have their day. Salut! Paired with a long grey almost tunic-length cotton tank, I found the perfect travel outfit. Almost luxurious…

At least by Hampton Luxury Liner standards (as opposed to red carpet, hotel pool or lazy brunch standards), I felt really put together. I could live in linen pants. 

I so meme this!

I so meme this!

Just an FYI, after this borderline life-changing fashion revelation, a quick Google search showed I am not the first person to have this thought. I'm pretty sure (no pun intended) Hey Pretty Thing first had the idea in 2010. So, when you’re finished reading this and checking out my favorite linen pants  (and perhaps even treating yourself to a pair or two, just click on the images to shop), take a look at her site.



If You're Caftaning This Summer Don't Forget To Wear Sunscreen

Here is an embarrassing confession. I have something like 67 pink mostly semi-formal dresses in my closet, but just one caftan/cover up/long shirt thingie for the pool, beach, lake or wherever swimwear is worn. I bought it at the Ralph Lauren outlet at Woodbury Commons over eight years ago.

Since I've moved approximately 400 times since them, I'm shocked it hasn't been lost. (Sadly, I can't say the same for my favorite Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, which I'm still hoping I will find sometime in the next day or so before I go to New York for two weeks. Please keep my sunglasses in your prayers.) Sadly, last time I wore said caftanamajigie, my husband gave me the bad news that it had a hole (or six) in the back. I think it's time for Ralphie to retire. Hopefully to Palm Beach...

This is a picture from the last time I wore it. I was on my honeymoon at the Bacara in Santa Barbara. And if you are wondering why I'm standing there with an owl, it's because the resort hires owls like Peepers to prevent seagulls from stealing the guests' lunch and drinking their strawberry daiquiris. Fun Fact (but please don't quote me on this one) seagulls love drinking strawberry daiquiris. Such a hoot. I know...

So, now it's time to be the head of HR for my own closet and find a replacement. Here are some of my top contenders.