Eight Ways Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have To Suck or Pink Things I Love That You Should Buy Yourself Because It’s Totally Alright To Feel Awful Today


Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry, is this annoying? When I was single I hated Valentine’s Day because obvi. But even as someone who has been married for two wonderful years, I’m kind of not feeling V-Day this year. While nothing horrible is happening, everything has gone wrong. It started when my husband’s gift was delivered late and he ended up opening it accidentally. I love to surprise him and that pleasure was taken from me. I don’t know whether to cry or call the vendor and start screaming. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but then last night, our Netflix and Chill plans were foiled when we learned that the new season of Love was not being released on Valentine’s Day this year. While maybe we should have realized this sooner, the previous two seasons of the show have both debuted on Valentine’s Day. At least the trailer is out, but it’s not quite the same.So, this makes me realize that no matter who you are or what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day can still suck. But it is also a great opportunity to practice self-care and self-love. Whether it’s buying yourself a treat below (I’ve found so many good ones) or treating yourself to Flywheel and Starbucks (I’m sipping some iced tea right now in my sweaty activewear), if you need to give yourself some extra love today or the only person you smooch is your puppy—that’s totally okay.

Note Cosmetics Lipsticks and Lipglosses

Note to self: Put Note Cosmetics on your radar. I’ve been really impressed with this line because it’s paraben-free, cruelty-free and so wallet-friendly it’s practically free (or like close enough). My lips are loving all of their pink and red lipglosses and lipsticks, but they have a full line of makeup.

Beth Bender Highlighters


I met Beth Bender IRL when she was on my podcast. She was such a doll and I was really impressed at the amount of work and how much of her personal touch she puts into making every product in her line. Sweeten Up and Pik Nik highlighters are my favorite pinks. Apply them using the fan brush and prepare to have your face game changed. I also use these highlighters instead of eyeshadow when I’m feeling lazy, which is often.

SPELA Liquid Mattes

Whether you are smooching another person or your pet, you what you put on your lips should stay on your lips. Applying lipstick should be fun, not another task you need to put on your to-do list. SPELA’s liquid mattes stay on strong but aren’t drying. Super rich in color, they are vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and non-toxic! I mean, don’t eat it, but like go for that ice cream cone. 

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette


I think I love Urban Decay’s Naked3 Palette as much as I love my dogs and cupcakes. Every single color is good. Like I feel seriously conflicted choosing which ones I want to use because they are all so good. It’s the right way to do pink eye makeup without looking like you have pinkeye or an unhealthy obsession with the 80’s.

Alacran Tequila Pink Limited Edition


When all else fails, DRINK. Seriously, if you feel bad today, go out and get some Alacran Tequila. And do it guilt free because they donate 50 % of sales from their limited edition pink bottle to awareness breast cancer awareness charities. Made of 100% Weber Blue Agave tequila, it tastes smooth and delicious on the rocks, in a cocktail or if need be, straight out of the bottle (I’m not judging you).

Roxx Polish Rose Quartz Infused Vegan Lip Balm

I’m kind of obsessed with Rose Quartz lately because it’s the crystal of love and self-care. I give myself an extra dose every night. Before I go to bed, I alwasy I apply this lip balm to my lips. It also smells like candy.

Gretchen Christine Cassandra Credit Card + Coin Purse


You know when a whole wallet is a whole ordeal? That’s why I love this little Gretchen Christine credit card holder and coin purse. Made of pink vegan leather, it’s flanked by shiny gold card slots. It also has a ring to hold your keys. It’s a sweet little treat that makes life easier. And if you are being a #girlboss, it totally works as a business card holder.

Parfait Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra & Underwear

Can we talk about lingerie? It’s kind of magical. I’m sick of people thinking you should wear it for your partner! Wear it for yourself! I always feel so much better when I put on a sexy bra and panties. It radiates through me. Furthermore, as someone who needs extra support (I’m a D Cup), Parfait has me covered. I love the Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra and matching underwear because the look is a little retro.

Journelle’s Semi-Annual Sale Will Help You Achieve All Of Your Lingerie Resolutions


Thank you so much to Journelle for featuring me in their 12 Days of Darlings on Instagram. I'm honored! This is probably the first time anyone has ever called me “Darling.” I hope it’s not the last…

Is your New Years resolution to kick up your lingerie game? Well, this is perfect timing because Journelle is having a major sale. From bras and panties to loungewear and anything you consider just a little naughty—Journelle has it all. And they have it in lots of cup sizes. Known for their beautifully curated collection from all the brands you love, they only have everything you want. Seriously, if you can’t find a bra, thong, or teddy from Journelle you can’t at the very least describe as must have, please get in touch. No, I’m NOT holding my breath. Here are a few of my favorite items that are currently on sale.

Fleur't Lacy Dainties Half Camisole


I lied! This actually isn’t on sale, but #sorrynotsorry because it’s still a deal. You know those nights when you're hanging out at home, but want to feel a little extra (or all of your sweatpants are in the laundry)? This half camisole is full glam. It looks cute peaking out of a tank, but is surprisingly supportive. I’m a C/D and felt totally comfortable.

Stella McCartney Florence Fluttering Bodysuit


Anything Stella McCartney makes me purr. But this leopard bodysuit is actually a pretty smart purchase because you can wear it everywhere from the bedroom to someplace swanky with black pants or a skirt. I don’t want to say it’s the kind of thing you put on to take off, but it totally is.

Gossard Gypsy Plunge Bra


When do you ever see a sexy, turquoise lace bra for $17.70, which is less than the price of a fancy cocktail. Never. Treat yourself!

Underproduction Florence Bra & Briefs


This bra is soft and comfortable. The pretty flower pattern fabric is made from ethically sourced bamboo—so yes, extra karma points are included. If you prefer more coverage, the high waist hipsters will make you feel like a pin up girl.

Simone Perele Celeste Strapless Plunge Smooth Cup Bra


A bad strapless bra is maybe the most annoying thing on Earth. So, invest in a good one that’s actually cute. Don’t miss the matching thong.

Simone Perele Caressence 3D Plunge Bra


3D isn’t just for movies anymore. Sometimes it’s hard to find a supportive bra t-shirt bra that you actually want to wear, but the lace detailing makes this equally chic and sleek. Because there is nothing more annoying than when your bra shows through and it’s not even cute...

Stella McCartney Jasmine Inspiring Soft Cup Bra


This stretch lace bra from Stella McCartney is red (well, burgundy) hot. Don’t forget to complete the set with a bikini or thong.

Heidi Klum Intimates Egyptian Beauty Camisole & Shorts

PicMonkey Collage-6.jpg

Do you ever want to wear something comfortable as pajamas that also makes you feel sexy as a supermodel? Heidi Klum knows how to do everything right. This camisole and short set is all you need.

Lonely Dahlia Underwire Bra


I have no idea why this brand is called Lonely because if you wear this bra, you will literally have people swarming you. A really unique shape, it's perfect for those slightly open backed dresses and tops. And yes, there are matching briefs.

Hanky Panky Original Thong

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 10.52.42 AM.png

Let’s get real for a second. I’m an hourglass. So many thongs rest on my hips too tightly, causing what I call “the dippy thing.” It’s a nightmare. Hanky Panky thongs are basically magic because they fit every body type perfectly. Also, I lied again. These aren’t on sale, but with the cash you’ve saved on everything else, you need at least one Hanky Panky thong is your life.

Special thank you to Hannah Rosela of Behold the Moment for helping me edit these photos which were patiently shot by my husband. Check out her Instagram



From Bra Straps Gone Wild To Bear Attacks, What To Do In An Emergency

It doesn't matter who you are. The worst happens to all of us sometimes. Whether it’s a fashion emergency, a car emergency or an emergency you'll later have to deal with in a therapist's office, the only thing we can do is prepare for the inevitable. After all, emergencies are way less dramatic when you have the right tools on hand. Here are five things that have saved everything from my ass to my outfit during those less than glamorous moments. 

The Strap Saver


Bra emergencies are beyond frustrating. Have you ever had a bra strap that kept falling down, even though it’s absolutely the tightest it could be? Have you ever felt like your strap had a personal vendetta against you and was trying to ruin your outfit on purpose? If this sounds like familiar, the Strap Saver will be your superhero. Available in several colors and sizes, the Strap Saver saves the straps on everything from bras to bathing suits, as well as dresses and tops. If that isn’t reason enough, 5% of each sale is donated to Jill’s Wish, an organization thats funds the household bills of women undergoing cancer treatment. So, get good boobies and extra karma points. It also makes a great stocking stuffer for that annoying friend who is always asking you to tighten up her falling straps. 

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit

Do you experience fashion emergencies like a nip slip, deodorant stain or the tragic loss of an earning back? Then you need to keep a Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit in your closet at all times. Containing a variety of items including fashion tape, deodorant remover sponge, safety pin, sewing supplies, shoe shine sponge, nail file, etc, it has everything you need should an emergency (or something close enough) arise. 

Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen


I keep a Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen in every handbag at all times because I’m clumsy and eat like a six year old. A just a dab or two saves my outfit from getting ruined and prevents my dry cleaner from getting rich. And per the off chance I don't end up needing the pen, someone else at the table always does.

FLARED Luxury Deluxe Auto Emergency Kit


Even if you don't drive a luxury car, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a luxury emergency kit because there is nothing less luxurious than an emergency that happens out on the road. Make sure you are prepared with FLARED’s Luxury Deluxe Kit, which includes jumper cables, duct tape, screwdriver, box cutter, reflective belt, twine, pen, first aid kit, The FLARED Guide, poncho, LED Flashlight, mini ice scraper, pepper spray, tire pressure gauge, glow sticks (for car-related emergencies, not club-related emergencies), hand sanitizer, LED flare, water bottle, sport beans, battery power bank (to charge your phone), umbrella, and pocket-size tissues (so you can wipe your tears until AAA comes).


This is every conversation I've ever had about needing a personal defense device:

Friend: Amanda, what if you're walking around LA and you get attacked by a bear, coyote or that neighbor who hates you?

Me: I'll run...

Friend: What if you're in heels?

Me: I used to run for the subway in heels all of the time when I lived in New York.

Friend: I'm scared for you. You need to get pepper spray.

Me: So I can accidentally blind myself on a windy day. No thank you.

Friend: What about a knife?

Me: Not going to happen.

Friend: A taser.

Me: Expensive and potentially illegal. 

Friend: Good vibes?

Me: Sure, that will save me. Please send me good vibes via Express Mail. 

The problem with many personal defense devices, like pepper spray or a knife, is they can difficult to use or they can be used against you. That’s why the ROBOCOPP was invented. This sound grenade is tiny, clips onto any standard keychain, is affordable and easy to use (just activate by pulling a pin). At 120 decibels, it will startle attackers, scare off animals, and let everyone in your neighborhood know they messed with the wrong person. 

Slumber Party Series Part One: It's Pajama Time

Lulu (the little one), Milo (the big one) and I would like to welcome you to Slumber Party- a series all about sleeping in style. This first post is about one of my favorite things, pajamas!

I’m convinced pajamas actually help me sleep better because it’s hard not to relax after slipping on a pair. When I’m more relaxed, it’s easier to drift off. Also, much like the average five year old, if I like my PJs, I look forward putting them on early every night and getting to bed a little sooner. #PajamaGoals

Or perhaps I just want an excuse to hang with my dogs in bed.... Either way, here are some of my favorite PJs for the Fall season. 

Fleur’t Modern Romance Tulle Inset Racerback Tank & Pant Set

Who says pajamas can’t be just as sexy as lingerie? I love this set from Fleur’t. The neckline is really unique for sleepwear, but the stitching underneath provides support. I’m also all about the bold color.

Hanro Eleonora Short Pajama

I’m not sure if these Hanro Pajamas are sweet or sexy. But, I do know like everything else this Swiss intimates brand makes, they’re luxurious and high quality. If you wear Hanro and take a selfie, there is an unwritten rule you have to include #Adulting. 

Forever 21 Swan PJ Set

Forever21 is full of finds that look more expensive than they are. And yes, these are the PJs I'm wearing in my party pic. Made from a cotton and modal blend, they're even softer than Lulu after a bath.

Kate Spade New York Floral-Printed Pajama Set

This Kate Spade sateen fabric pajama set is classically styled with a long-sleeved button down top and pull on pants. The flower print is pretty and fun, but still sophisticated. It reminds me of the Hamptons.

BooHoo Rose Camo Floral Print Cami + Short PJ Set

Say “yay” to BooHoo. If you’re lusting after that Kate Spade flower print, but want something a little more affordable (seriously click on the link, it’s a steal), this short and camo set from Boohoo will satisfy your style and budget needs.

Betsy Johnson Heart Printed Top and Dolman Set

It’s hard to wear anything from Betsey Johnson and not instantly smile. The heart print is super cute without being childish. I also love that the top is long sleeved, but paired with shorts, so you don’t have to worry about being too warm or cold. The right temperature balance is key to getting a good night's sleep. So if you need an excuse to treat yourself, science. 

Never Enough Sleep Pajamas


These adorable statement PJs from ASOS combine two things I really love, the truth and crop tops. 

Skin Shadow Plaid Open-Shoulder Sleep Gown

So, this isn’t technically pajamas. But, I can't help but swoon over Skin's gorgeous sleeping gown. Beautiful, white and flowy, it’s the earth-mama alternative to lingerie.