Behind The Scenes Of It’s Amanda Lauren’s Makeover

So, if you’ve noticed, It’s Amanda Lauren has had a pretty makeover! The site is easier to search, and more clickable, shoppable and fun than ever. It’s been nipped, tucked and Cool Sculpted. Two whole syringes of Juvederm were injected into this site. Just kidding.

This whole makeover thing was a labor of LOVE! Because while I don’t normally DIY anything (or as I call it, “Don’t I WHAT?”), I built this site all by myself. I totally adulated my way through it. To be honest, I don’t think it’s perfect, but I’m happy with the results. Is anything ever perfect? You, me and this website are all works in progress.

While I never intended to make this a blog about blogging (blah blah blog), I will take this opportunity to complain about the process. To put it kindly, Squarespace has more bugs than a C-Grade restaurant. Furthermore, edits that should take seconds can take minutes or hours. It’s worse than the traffic on the 405 at rush hour. With all of the time I wasted, I could and should have switched platforms. #endrant

Insert audio of me crying here.

Insert audio of me crying here.

So stop, shop, click around and stay a while. I’ve included some of my favorite fashion, beauty and home faves on the homepage, per the off chance, you just want to look at pretty pictures of things I like. Feel free to get in touch with feedback, ideas or if you want to collab. But most of all, please enjoy.

So Last Week... Things I Read That Are Totally Worth Your Time

Happy Sunday! I felt like the Internet was filled so much post-election hate last week. I desperately needed to get my mind off the negativity. And trust me, it was a challenge. Here are some posts I found that had nothing to do with the election and everything to do with the superficial. Sometimes, we all need a break. 

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Amelia Liana: Chanel Collection Libre Review

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