From Bra Straps Gone Wild To Bear Attacks, What To Do In An Emergency

It doesn't matter who you are. The worst happens to all of us sometimes. Whether it’s a fashion emergency, a car emergency or an emergency you'll later have to deal with in a therapist's office, the only thing we can do is prepare for the inevitable. After all, emergencies are way less dramatic when you have the right tools on hand. Here are five things that have saved everything from my ass to my outfit during those less than glamorous moments. 

The Strap Saver


Bra emergencies are beyond frustrating. Have you ever had a bra strap that kept falling down, even though it’s absolutely the tightest it could be? Have you ever felt like your strap had a personal vendetta against you and was trying to ruin your outfit on purpose? If this sounds like familiar, the Strap Saver will be your superhero. Available in several colors and sizes, the Strap Saver saves the straps on everything from bras to bathing suits, as well as dresses and tops. If that isn’t reason enough, 5% of each sale is donated to Jill’s Wish, an organization thats funds the household bills of women undergoing cancer treatment. So, get good boobies and extra karma points. It also makes a great stocking stuffer for that annoying friend who is always asking you to tighten up her falling straps. 

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit

Do you experience fashion emergencies like a nip slip, deodorant stain or the tragic loss of an earning back? Then you need to keep a Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit in your closet at all times. Containing a variety of items including fashion tape, deodorant remover sponge, safety pin, sewing supplies, shoe shine sponge, nail file, etc, it has everything you need should an emergency (or something close enough) arise. 

Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen


I keep a Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen in every handbag at all times because I’m clumsy and eat like a six year old. A just a dab or two saves my outfit from getting ruined and prevents my dry cleaner from getting rich. And per the off chance I don't end up needing the pen, someone else at the table always does.

FLARED Luxury Deluxe Auto Emergency Kit


Even if you don't drive a luxury car, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a luxury emergency kit because there is nothing less luxurious than an emergency that happens out on the road. Make sure you are prepared with FLARED’s Luxury Deluxe Kit, which includes jumper cables, duct tape, screwdriver, box cutter, reflective belt, twine, pen, first aid kit, The FLARED Guide, poncho, LED Flashlight, mini ice scraper, pepper spray, tire pressure gauge, glow sticks (for car-related emergencies, not club-related emergencies), hand sanitizer, LED flare, water bottle, sport beans, battery power bank (to charge your phone), umbrella, and pocket-size tissues (so you can wipe your tears until AAA comes).


This is every conversation I've ever had about needing a personal defense device:

Friend: Amanda, what if you're walking around LA and you get attacked by a bear, coyote or that neighbor who hates you?

Me: I'll run...

Friend: What if you're in heels?

Me: I used to run for the subway in heels all of the time when I lived in New York.

Friend: I'm scared for you. You need to get pepper spray.

Me: So I can accidentally blind myself on a windy day. No thank you.

Friend: What about a knife?

Me: Not going to happen.

Friend: A taser.

Me: Expensive and potentially illegal. 

Friend: Good vibes?

Me: Sure, that will save me. Please send me good vibes via Express Mail. 

The problem with many personal defense devices, like pepper spray or a knife, is they can difficult to use or they can be used against you. That’s why the ROBOCOPP was invented. This sound grenade is tiny, clips onto any standard keychain, is affordable and easy to use (just activate by pulling a pin). At 120 decibels, it will startle attackers, scare off animals, and let everyone in your neighborhood know they messed with the wrong person.