You're Going To Be Obsessed With These Custom Holiday Cards


Can you believe 2018 is almost over? (Do we really have a choice?) Get ready, because it’s almost “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!” And by wonderful, I mean stressful and exhausting. But you know what shouldn’t be exhausting? Holiday cards! That’s why I used Basic Invite to get mine this year!

Okay, but let’s stop for a second….

I know what you’re thinking—

Amanda, you’re so not basic. Why are you recommending something basic? GIRL, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?


Basic Invite’s holiday cards aren’t basic! They have over 500 different Christmas and holiday cards that you can customize. So you end up with gorgeous cards that won’t look like everyone else’s.

Don’t Be Jealous, But I’m Living My Best Holiday Card Life Right Now


Basic invite has everything card related covered from cute Christmas tree cards to sophisticated trifold holiday cards and holiday party invites. There are so many options and it’s impossible to go wrong.

You can create adorable photo cards with your actual babies or fur babies like I did here.

lulu and milo.png

Or even create beautiful cards to send to the people you work with. Skip the email and make an impression IRL. Your card doesn’t even need to be as funny as mine is.  

This is the card I’m sending to all of my PR friends!

This is the card I’m sending to all of my PR friends!

Even if you aren’t creative, there are many other ways to customize your cards. Basic Invite has 180 different color options you can use. I was super excited to make the palm trees on my card hot pink. If 180 colors aren’t enough for you—holiday cards are probably the least of your problems.

If You Want To Make It Extra Fancy

Get foil cards! Choose from gold, silver, and even rose gold (YESS!!! ROSE GOLD) in a flat or raised style.

Basic Invite Is Also Your Personal Card Assistant 

Basic_Invite_Holiday_Cards_25 (1).jpg

Do you know anyone’s address?

(Insert cricket sounds here)

No, of course you don’t!

That’s why Basic Invite has an address capturing service that allows you to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to request addresses. Then they’re stored in your account. It also makes you way less annoying and people will actually be excited to receive your cards.

Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders! If you’ve ever been embarrassed of your own handwriting or wasted six envelopes trying to write a zip code without smearing three lines of ink—this can be a total game changer.

There are also 40 different colors of envelopes, so your card doesn’t get mistaken for a boring person’s in the mailbox. Just another custom touch…

Custom Samples For Invitations

So you know when you buy custom invitations online and then you have to make a commitment without seeing or feeling them IRL first? Terrifying, right? Basic Invite understands what a mess this is. So they will print off a sample and send it to you, so you can see and feel the paper quality. It also prevents those annoying “What did you think of my invite?” calls.

Do what are you waiting for?

Go to Basic Invite and start planning your holiday cards right now!


Versatile Fall Style From Bobeau

Bobeau Fall Fashion

It’s Fall! Even in sunny Los Angeles, the temperatures are starting to cool down and this season’s wardrobe is in full swing. So, I wanted to share a few amazing pieces that I just ordered from Bobeau.

This line is just perfect for fall (I mean all seasons, but let’s try to stay on topic here. Everything they have is equally comfortable and versatile. Dress each piece up or down. Wear Bobeau to the office (or in my case, when I go to someone else’s office) or for date night. Bobeau style is essentially boho chic, but also adulting at the same time.

Another great thing about Bobeau is that everything is cut for all body types. Seriously, if you’re wondering “Is this going to look good on me?”—the answer is yes! They also have a range of sizes from XS to plus sizes. Yes, we are all invited to the Bobeau party!  

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the fall collection along with tips on the best ways to wear them.

Diana Midi Length Skirt

Wear this skirt to avoid date night drama.

Wear this skirt to avoid date night drama.

If I had to choose one favorite piece from this season, it would be the Diana Midi Length Skirt. The polka dot print is EVERYTHING. In the photo, I’m wearing my skirt with a plain black tank to dress it up a just a little bit.

You can really wear this skirt ANYWHERE. Go full fall with a chunky knit sweater. Wear it with a white button down shirt for a classic, sophisticated look. Steal my date night style with a camisole or tank. This piece is also great for travel because it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase. 

Alissa Printed Shift Dress

This is the perfect dress for a windy fall day.

This is the perfect dress for a windy fall day.

With a little paisley print, the Alissa Printed Shift Dress is so cute and comfortable. Available in both black and ivory colors (obviously you will want to buy one of each)—it’s an essential piece to take you from work to happy hour. You can wear it a coat and boots on colder days or with a shorter jacket and high heels when it’s a little warmer out. This dress is something you will want to wear season after season and it will easily become a wardrobe staple. It comes with a belt, but you can easily accessorize with your own.

Cozy Travel Set

Obvs I like everything 70’s.

Obvs I like everything 70’s.

You don’t need to go anywhere (I mean, leave your house, but you get what I’m saying) to appreciate the Cozy Travel Set. It includes a headband and an infinity scarf, as well as a little matching bag to put it in. Wear the scarf and headband together or separately. They help keep the chill out either on those windy autumn days or on those frosty airplanes where you are trying not to freeze and sweat at the same time (or is that just me?). You also be lazy and use the headband as a sleep mask.

My Cozy Travel Set is heather grey, but it’s available in several other colors including peppercorn, raven black, and roebuck. And of course, this makes a great gift!  

Thanks so much to Bobeau for the cute fall outfits!

Thanks so

Who Has Time To Change? How To Win Day To Night & A Shopping Spree With Bobeau

A lot of the time, I’m running around day to night and changing into another outfit just isn’t an option. Seriously, who has time to change? Luckily, Bobeau is like a fashion psychic. It knows we all have this problem and provides a solution with beautiful, comfortable clothing that looks good no matter what hour it is. Is there anything better than that? Yes, there is. Getting it for free!

Use this link to enter to win a $1000 shopping spree to Bobeau. You also will also receive an exclusive 20% off promo code just for entering. 

So, if you aren’t sure what to get because there are just so many good things, here are a few I personally love straight from my closet.

makayla dress bob eau.jpg

I’m all about the Mykyla Longsleeve Dress. It’s comfortable and stylish, which is something that rarely happens. No shapewear! No problem! And like much of Bobeau’s clothing, it is also available in plus sizes. There are so many ways to wear this dress. You can rock it with boots or evening shoes. I love the choker neckline because it means one less thing to worry about accessorizing. 

jude flare sleeve.jpeg

The Jude Printed Flare Sleeve Dress is another great day to night option. It’s super boho chic. It also doesn’t wrinkle easily, making it great to travel with. You can wear it on a plane and go straight to lunch or dinner without changing. If you want to add jewelry, consider a pair of statement earrings to dress it up for nighttime.

bobeau blue top.jpg

One of my fave tops is the Cold Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Top. It can be worn with pants or a skirt and is a great layering piece. Wear it to the office with a blazer and take it off for happy hour! This top is available in five different colors and currently on sale. So, don’t feel guilty about buying more than one. In fact, you probably should! 

bobeau flare sleeve.jpeg

Then there are all of the beautiful flare sleeve tops. Flare sleeves are EVERYWHERE this season. The one I’m wearing in the picture above is sold out, but if you like it, check out the Lee Flare Sleeve Blouse, the adorably preppy Flare Sleeve Dress or the Cora Ruffle Sleeve Sweater. If you like large necklaces or statement necklaces—they are the perfect accessories to balance out flare sleeves.

Here are a few more of my faves:

Kacey Knit Jumper (It’s more like a jumpsuit)

Teddy Crop Pant with Pom Pom Trim (So cute for fall!)

One Button Wrap Cardigan (Consider giving this one as a gift)

Delanie Rouched Sleeve Cardigan (Perfect for layering)

You might need good luck to win, but you won’t good luck when it comes to style with Bobeau.


Thank you to Bobeau for sponsoring this post.

F-It Fridays: Prepare For Fall With Shiseido & Get A Free Gift For Adulting


It’s that time of year again. The summer is ending, but it’s not quite fall yet. In just a few weeks the weather will change, which means your skin is probably going to go bonkers. Oily becomes dry and dry becomes desert-like. So it’s important to prepare yourself in advance. But don’t overthink it—just check out Shiseido instead.

The reason why I am suggesting that you prepare for Fall now is that Shiseido is going to reward you in a big way. With any $75 purchase, you receive an exclusive (who doesn’t love exclusive?) Hello Tokyo tote (pictured above) with a deluxe sample set. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, you get to choose from five different sets, so you can actually use the right products for your skin concerns. When was the last time you were rewarded for adulting?

All of the sets contain everything you need for a full skincare routine. Also, how cute is the tote bag?

If you need some product suggestions, here are a few of my personal faves. But don't worry— everything from Shiseido is good.


I’m obsessed with Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil. If you double cleanse, which I sometimes do, this is the first product you want to use in your routine. It’s formulated to remove sunscreen and foundation. So you can use it after a long day at the beach when you’ve reapplied your sunscreen 100 times or after sitting for eight hours with a face full of makeup at work (and let's be real—also happy hour). And if you’ve had too many cocktails to complete a full double cleanse before bed, don’t worry. You might be left with regrets from the evening (he was a jerk anyway), but you won’t be left with any excess product on your face.


One of my other favorite Shiseido products is their Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid. I’ve been using it since high school. It’s not that I’m loyal (okay, maybe a little)—it’s that this cleanser is that good. It’s rich, foamy and makes your face feel squeaky clean. Plus, you only need a small amount (I use a quarter to half a pump), so it should last you until Thanksgiving(ish). So you can check buying cleanser off your list for a while, which means more time for cocktails and naps.


Another fall essential is the Full Correction Lip Treatment. If the matte lipstick trend is making your lips dry AF, you need this product. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a downer, but it’s only going to get worse once it starts to get windy. You need to pay extra attention to your lips. The people you kiss will thank you for this.

So, seriously check out Shiseido now because the free gift offer only lasts until 8/27/17. Get your fall skincare taken care of, get a travel set, don’t have a fight with the TSA and look beautiful. You don’t have to thank me now for telling you this, but feel free to thank me when you don’t have to retouch your post Labor Day selfies.

*This was a partner post, but you all know I love Shiseido and have mentioned the brand several times on this blog already. Plus this offer is awesome and you need to know about it.

Balance Blends: A Line Of Supplements Created By An Actual Person

This post is sponsored by Balance Blends.

Let’s talk about vitamins and supplements for a minute. Does anyone else feel completely confused buying them? I feel like you never really know what you are buying. Where did it come from? Is the product safe? Who chose the ingredients? Is this worth the price? Most importantly, does the product actually do what the label says it will? Or am I just overthinking about this? In all fairness, let’s say all of the above.

That’s exactly why I’m obsessed with Balance Blends, which is a line of supplements containing a blend (hence the name), of vitamins and herbs personally formulated by Colette Widrin, L.Ac., MTOM*. Colette is a holistic practitioner in Beverly Hills and Malibu, who has been making bespoke supplements for the rich and unbalanced for years (and maybe even Real Housewives, but obviously she can’t tell).

The ingredients in Balance Blends are hand chosen by Colette herself, as opposed to a nameless cog in a large corporate wheel. These formulas are affective in treating a variety of health issues. We will get to what those are in just a minute.

All of the herbs have been sourced from wholesalers who are compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as the Natural Product Association (NPA), using third-party quality control. Everything is triple-tested for safety and authentic. The capsules are 100% natural, and free of GMO starch, gluten and chemicals. On a side note, who would think those things are okay to put in a nutritional supplement anyway?

If you have a medical condition, are pregnant or taking any prescriptions, be smart and consult your physician before integrating supplements into your routine. But, you’re smart, so you probably knew that already.

Let’s take a look at the blends.

Just Breathe

I feel like if there were one Balance Blends product that everyone needs, it’s this. Just Breathe (which is a good idea, always breathe), releases stress, moves Qi and helps you relax. I like to take this before bed to wake up feeling peaceful and ready to start the day.

Quiet Please

If Just Breathe isn’t enough to just knock you out, Quiet Please could be exactly what you need. This formula stops your mind from racing (doesn’t that always happen when you can’t fall asleep? So annoying, right?), promotes deep sleep and nourishes the blood.

Acne Be Gone

When you are breaking out, all you need to do is go to the mirror and say, “Acne be gone” to yourself five times. Just kidding! If your breakouts can’t be controlled with topical creams, it’s probably time to nourish your skin from outside in. Acne Be Gone clears and prevents acne-causing toxins from ruining your skin and probably your day, possibly your life.

Cramp Whisperer

Speaking of breakouts, let’s talk about another awful side affect of PMS, cramps. Cramps cramp up your body and usually at least one week of your life. Cramp Whisperer whispers to your cramps to go away (and perhaps bother that annoying co-worker instead, she totally deserves cramps), nourishes your blood and reduces spasms to restore balance in your body, life, etc. 

Force Field

If you feel illness coming on, you probably pop a Vitamin C or Echinacea, but we all know that doesn’t really cut it. That’s why you need Force Field. Think of this blend as a personal trainer for your immune system, strengthening your body’s natural defenses, lifting Qi and restoring balance.

For more info or to purchase, please visit Balance Blends and use Code Amanda30 for 30% off through June 10, 2017.

* Licensed acupuncturist, Master, of Traditional Oriental Medicine, if you were wondering. And I know you were.