So Last Week... Things I Read That Are Totally Worth Your Time (Semi Self Promo Edition)

Happy Sunday! If you didn’t know (and you should, but I’m not going to make you feel bad about it), Ali Levine and I launched a podcast last week. Please listen, subscribe on iTunes and leave us a five star review for extra karma points. You can also like us on Facebook because who doesn’t want to be liked? 

If you are new to So Last Week, it's a weekly(ish) round up of things I read on the Internet that are totally worth your time. You're busy. I'm busy! We're all crazed! I get it. But, I promise after reading any one of these posts, you will NOT say, "There's 3.5 minutes of my life I'll never get back." Enjoy! 

Dope + Broke: 10 Top Bloggers And Podcast Hosts' Favorite Affordable Shopping Websites

The title pretty much says it all. I cannot thank Dope + Broke enough for featuring both Ali and I in this post along with some really awesome women including Gabi Gregg, Annabelle Desisto and Jackie Schimmel.

Ali Levine: Trends Tuesday

Ali Levine shows off a trendy denim look featuring one of my fav designers, Diane Gilman. Also, I am stealing that jacket next time I’m at your house,

A Beautiful Mess: Braided Wavy Boho Hair Tutorial

ABM shows you how to create a beautiful do that anyone can do! It’s seriously not hard, but worthy of 1000 likes on Insta. Love this look for summer!

Racked: The Ultimate Guide To Bathing Suit Shopping Online

It’s almost that time of year again! No matter what size you are or what your style is, Racked has your boobs and booty covered.

The List: Beauty Advice We Wish We Would Have Taken

I gathered the best beauty advice from celebs, influencers and even doctors for this article on The List. Yes, it’s a little self-promotional, but I can’t promote my own work, then who will?