Things We're Too Lazy To Blog About Podcast: Keltie Knight


Here are the show notes for the latest episode of Things We're Too Lazy To Blog About with guest Keltie Knight. Listen on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcherAudioBoom, or stream/download.

This week we have Keltie Knight of Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, nd the podcast which inspired us, The Lady Gang! We get deep and shallow with her talking about skincare, hair, being healthy, fitness, getting on Entertainment Tonight, traveling, working 24/7 (more like 25/7), the business of podcasting, things you never knew about The Lady Gang and so much more. If you can’t relate to Keltie, we don’t know what planet you live on.

She also shares her celeb secrets about Ed Sheeran, Lea Michelle, Chris Pratt, Fergie, Gayle King, Oprah and so many others. Also, we’re pretty sure she knew about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy first.

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